Shall We Date: Ninja Shadow

ninja shadow

Company: Solmare

Cost: Free-to-Play

Synopsis: After a bad harvest, the MC’s rural ninja village is in danger of starvation. The only way for them to survive their survival is for the village’s best ninja and chief, the MC’s elder twin brother, to join the famous Nagasaki vigilantes and make a name for himself. The MC, also a ninja, is assigned the mission to escort him to Nagasaki. On the way there they find a burning village. The MC’s brother rescues a woman but is trapped and perishes in the fire. The MC swears she will not forget the face of the man who set the fire and that she will have revenge for her brother, but first she must save her village by take her brother’s place with the vigilantes. The MC disguises herself as her brother and meets up with her new comrades where she is given her choice of who her instructor will be

MC: This MC is really driven and moves with purpose. She adored and admired her elder brother. She is a surprisingly human MC. She doesn’t throw herself into every situation without thinking and actually tried to convince her brother not to go into the burning village even though he insisted that they need to act justly and look for survivors. Her desire for revenge is a huge motivator for her and it even surprises the other vigilantes how passionately she wants to kill her target. She is sadly not as great a ninja as her brother, and prior to coming to Nagasaki she has never killed anyone and mostly did undercover missions; she is okay with her choice of weapon a sickle and chain. The MC is very aware that she is walking a very fine line, having to gain the trust and trust her comrades while also carefully guarding her secret. At times she tries a little too hard to prove her masculinity and her protests get her called cute. She is teased amongst the vigilantes for being so small and slight


  • Asagi: A cool and calculating diviner who was one of the founding members of the current vigilante group
  • Eduard: A quiet and spacey foreigner. He grew up with Ukyo and works as a translator for Dutch merchants
  • Ukyo: The confident and kindhearted commissioner. He frequently acts as the spokesperson for the vigilantes against Makoto
  • Yuzuki: The subdued and well-mannered third son of a prominent merchant. Although he seems kind, any time a woman touches him he wipes the contact away

Impressions: Another awesome ninja game from Solmare. Ninja Assassin is my favorite Solmare ninja otoge and this takes place concurrent to that with the characters knowing each other (for example, Asagi has medicine that Wakasa made and Ukyo and Eduard grew up in the same village as Natsume). The art is the same style as Ninja Assassin, but has been refined. The character designs might not be as flashy as Destiny Ninja 2, but they are still great, even if I think the colors are a tad too vivid at times (like the shade of yellow used for Eduard’s hair) and more appropriate to this less fantastical world. The plot has a similar flavor to Ninja Assassin, but with a couple of changes. I love a cross-dressing protagonist, and I also love an MC that is determined to achieve a goal with her own hands (in this case achieving revenge).

One thing I wish we saw more of was the MC’s grief over her brother’s death. She seems to have really adored him in the prologue, but I didn’t really sense much grief over his death. You can explain this absence in multiple ways – that the MC is just focusing on revenge instead of grief or that the grief is there but is just paraphrased – and I buy into those reasons. But since the MC’s brother is such a huge motivator for her I just wanted to feel that sadness a little more.

There were two features that were changed for this game. First, the game orientation was changed to play horizontally. I’m pretty meh about this change. I prefer to play horizontally on my iPad and vertically on my phone, but things don’t always work out that way so I always just deal with things however they play out. Secondly, the mini game changed from the social contest type that I always felt was a nuisance and nearly pointless, to a game called Meiko Salon which is a sort of bingo-esque thing, which I find much more engaging and fun (for short periods of time). I’m a huge fan of this change.

So yes, another great ninja otoge from Solmare and, when considering things purely from that ninja aspect, a game that is even an improvement over the last one

Favorite Guy: Eduard

Favorite Route: Eduard

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