Pale Ghost

pale ghost

Plot Summary: While in the midst of her bridal studies, the MC notices a see through figure of a man. The Pale Ghost, Nick, is a being that no one can see except for the MC, to both of their surprise. The MC begins meeting up with Nick and tries to boost his confidence as they get to know each other. But then strange things begin happening in Niflheim and Nick seems convinced that he’s the one to blame

What I think of him: Nick is very timid and has low self confidence. He gets very down and tends to blame himself for everything. He spends a lot of his time people watching and trying to find someone who can see him. He scares pretty easily but can be brave if he is trying to do something for someone else

Nickname: Nick

Charm point: He just wants to please the MC

Quote: “I wish you would only look at me, only speak with me. But I know that’s unreasonable.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Feed, yummy food because he has just been taking what he can get

Would have eloped with:

  • Jean, because he’s a good, understanding guy

Favorite moments:

  • Nick’s excitement when Jean can hear him
  • Nick shouting at Jean when Jean tries to get the MC to go on a date with him
  • Nick’s confession
  • Jean explaination of his and Nick’s relationship
  • The MC and Nick dancing at the ball

Worst moments:

  • I find Nick’s personality endearing and very different, but sometimes he goes just a little too far
  • Jean telling the MC that he’ll give her information if she goes on a date with him. He doesn’t need to be a pig

Worth the price of admission?: Nick is a nice change of pace since he has a timid personality instead of a forceful one like most other otoge guys. The MC has to take the lead a lot of the time, and in the end her support allows Nick to become even more assertive. My favorite part of this route is watching Nick grow as a character, so by all rights I shouldn’t enjoy him as much as a love interest. However I think that Nick’s development is paced in such a way that he grows aware of the MC romantically at the same rate that he grows in confidence, so I never end up viewing him as someone to be mentored rather than a love interest. So this is a route different from most, but if you don’t mind someone a little more timid, then it is worth a read


Recommended routes:


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