Plot Summary: The MC chooses Asagi as her instructor and almost immediately regrets it since Asagi clearly doesn’t want to be paired with anyone. While trying to learn more about Asagi on Makoto’s orders, the MC learns about the Himuro shrine and the duties of a diviner. While carefully concealing her own secret, the MC senses that Asagi is hiding something of his own, but it might only be by exposing that which they would rather remain secret that the MC and Asagi can grow closer at all

What I think of him: Asagi is cool, always doing his best to keep his distance and smugly looking down on others. He’s a schemer and he frequently tries to manipulate others to get his way. He was one of the original founders of the Nagasaki Vigilantes, and his close association with Makoto means that Makoto frequently cuts Asagi’s manipulations short. Asagi is a very hard worker but he never lets it show and he is known as a powerful diviner. He loves his father deeply, and would only lower his head for Mokuren’s sake. Although Asagi seems completly confident in himself, he actually has a fair dose of insecurity that he zealously guards from being revealed

Nickname: None

Charm point: The only trusts the MC with his deepest secrets

Quote: “Another reason why I want to get stronger… is to protect the girl that I’m in love with.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Cuddle and try to get some rare alone time

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • The first kiss and Asagi continually repeating “it’s an accident”
  • Everything around Asagi finding out that the MC is a girl (how it happens, their agreement to keep each other’s secrets, how it leads to the MC telling Asagi about her motives)
  • The MC and Asagi mouthing off to the main branch priests in order to draw the priests’ ire to themselves and away from the other
  • Sleeping together
  • All of the guys standing up to Makoto and telling the MC to go to Asagi

Worst moments:

  • That Asagi only becomes approachable after learning that the MC is a girl. I wish there had been a little more of a hint that he was a nice guy instead of just being told so by the others
  • Once it was over, except for one scene, Moukuren’s death lost all gravity
  • The reveal of the MC’s gender is glossed over in the Sweet Ending

Worth the price of admission?: The beginning of this route is pretty rough since Asagi is so very against working with the MC, and while it is nice that he changes when he and the MC share secrets, it sort of feels like Asagi is only nice to the MC because she is a girl. But beyond that point this route is pretty good: the character dynamics pick up, the MC gets more lively, and the plot starts getting more interesting. The route trips a little at the end since Asagi becomes all powerful and it feels like there isn’t really danger and the MC’s gender reveal is off screen, but this is less bothersome than the slow start since the character dialogue pulls it through. But regardless of the rough start and glossed over ending, I enjoyed this route as an addition to the plethora of Solmare’s ninja routes

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

Notable substories:

Recommended routes:

  • Iori Enojo
  • Hyuga
  • Enojo
  • Jun
  • Kokonoe

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