Toshiie Maeda


Plot Summary: The MC is sent to be Nobunaga’s poison tester. Upon arriving there she is put under the care of Hideyoshi and encounters her childhood friend, Toshiie. When the MC attracts the unwanted attention of one of Nobunaga’s relatives, Toshiie gets himself thrown out of the castle protecting her. He promises to return, but in the mean time Hideyoshi begins to get closer to the MC

What I think of him: Inuchiyo is rough around the edges but cares deeply for the MC and her family and has been watching out for them since he return from battle with the news that the MC’s father had died. Inuchiyo is capable of being very elder brotherly, but he is very prickly towards those he sees as outside of his circle. If you know him well, it is incredibly easy to make himsef blush. Inuchiyo has a bit of a wild, uncontrolled side and although he has been learning to control himself but he still has a way to go. Inuchiyo has a habit of backing out or down because he he’s afraid of failing. Even though he has confidence in his battle prowess, he view himself a bit of a coward and doesn’t really believe in himself

Nickname: Inuchiyo

Charm point: He adores the MC above all else

Quote: “I’ve always loved you… ever since the day I laid eyes on you.. all I’ve ever known is you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Push him down, because after a certain event he needs you to initiate

Would have eloped with: No one. Hideyoshi and Nobunaga show some good points but there are enough bad points to make me not really want to go after either of them

Favorite moments:

  • The MC seeking comfort in the wardrobe and Inuchiyo always being able to find her there
  • Inuchiyo being able to identify the MC’s cooking with just one taste
  • Inuchiyo hearing the complaints of the retainers, eventually morphing into his confession of the MC being his “goddess” and how everyone continues to refer to her that way
  • Inuchiyo’s brother is all sorts of adorable
  • How affected Inuchiyo was by his drunken actions and Narimasa’s assault on the MC which leads him to stop drinking and waiting for the MC to initiate any intimacy between them

Worst moments:

  • The MC drove me nuts. When she senses that Hideyoshi has feelings for her, she realizes that she has to come to a decision and do something, but she doesn’t which causes things to spiral (although it is certainly not her fault that Inuchiyo lost control). Then after the attack, she decides that there is no way that either Hideyoshi or Inuchiyo have feeling for her… I can’t even…
  • Most of the plot after Narimasa’s proposal until the ending

Worth the price of admission?: I love Inuchiyo so much, he obviously loves the MC so much and his gruffness and shyness are adorable; plus there’s a bit tragedy in his eye which is enough to make you want to hug him. I wanted to love his route, but I actually really, really dislike it. Inuchiyo and the MC had a good story in there somewhere (like around when Inuchiyo returns to his clan and the MC chases after him), but other plots (love triangle with Hideyoshi, Narimasa’s jealousy) keep getting in the way. I can usually take a couple of unfavorable subplots if the route makes up for itself in giving me great moments to remember, but the most memorable moments in this route for me are the MC getting assaulted (both times) and when the MC and Inuchiyo reunite at his brother’s castle; that’s only one good memory out of three.

Additionally, Inuchiyo and the MC don’t seem like they are making each other better, but instead they seem to be exacerbating each other’s bad points, especially their respective tendencies towards recklessness. Since Inuchiyo tends to be indecisive and hesitates to state his desires, it might have been better to have an MC who was a little more decisive and who would exhibit her stubbornness on issues that were just superficial. Doing either of those would not be outside of this MC’s capabilities either, she has shown both traits in other routes.

Finally, I just really can’t agree with the MC’s decision to go with Narimasa. Sayuri says that agreeing to Narimasa’s plan shows that the MC doesn’t believe in Inuchiyo, and the MC replies that she would rather Inuchiyo return alive than pin her hopes on just belief. This actually makes sense. Just believing that he will return from a battle where the odds are heavily stacked against him, is very otoge but very stupid. However turning to Narimasa who the MC has no reason to trust, especially considering that he has openly show dislike for Inuchiyo (and did so in front of her when Inuchiyo broke the engagement with Sayuri). Hideyoshi was in the same castle and also had an available army and this MC has clearly shown in this route that she is not above tearfully turning to a man and asking them to save another man. Basically, the MC had other options and it feels like she just immediately jumped to the action that would have a most dramatic effect on the plot. It didn’t feel like there was a good reasoning behind it and that just makes me so angry that she did it.

In short, I love Inuchiyo but I don’t recommend his route, and that leaves me feeling so very disappointed

Recommended routes:


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