Towa Wakasa



Plot Summary: Ryusei is injured again protecting Saki from an explosion Towa realizes that he wants to be the one to protect Saki. However, this new found desire threatens to be the end of not only Saki and Towa, but also the other players and the hostages as well

What I think of him: Towa has been an idol since he was very young and he doesn’t any other way of life; he is currently a member of the Junior Jr. Boys. He is used to people knowing who he is and falling all over themselves for him. He can be haughty at times, but he also really appreciates his fans and loves singing and dancing. He doesn’t have a very strong personality; he tends to be uncertain about himself and is easily frightened

Nickname: None

Charm point: His adorable smile while preforming

Quote: “I’ve never been in love before. It took me a while to realize. I’m pretty sure I’ve fallen in love with you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Hang out together, holding hands

Would have eloped with:

  • Ryusei, because he’s like Towa’s big brother and mentor

Favorite moments:

  • Any time when Towa sings with a smile
  • The MC encouraging Towa to shout at the top of his lung on the boat
  • Towa trying to keep Saki calm even when he is freaking out in the hospital attraction
  • Towa’s quick thinking when he and Saki go off the radar to rescue Ryusei and the hostages
  • Saki continually watching the news feed of Towa announcing his relationship with an ordinary girl

Worst moments:

  • Towa agreeing to Hogstein’s condition to help Saki. It was so short that it wasn’t really worth it to include

Worth the price of admission?: I really adore Towa and his route. Sure he looks like he’s a fourteen year-old, but the way he enjoys himself while singing is utterly adorable. Towa undergoes a lot of character development during his route and it is made all the better because it is not just the MC that is changing him but also mentoring from one of the older guys. Watching Towa change from a shallow and frightened boy who has never had to make his own decisions into a brave and confident young man who is quick to think of a plan is really great. The end of his route cuts out how the players exit the park, but that’s because Towa and Saki didn’t have anything to do with it after they did their rescue bit, but there are other routes that cover that bit well enough. So, yeah, I like really love Towa

Recommended routes:


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