Kouta Meoshi


Plot Summary: Saki and Kouta get closer and eventually pair up for one of the attraction games. However, when Saki falls ill, Kouta looses the the game and carries her out of the attraction before their time there is up. This causes Hogstein to turn the whole park into a zombie filled death-attraction as punishment. Saki and Kouta remain in hiding while the others try to solve the final puzzle. When it seems that the others are in danger, Saki and Kouta set out to rescue them

What I think of him: Kouta is very introverted and very nearly a shut-in with his only reason for being at the park being that he heard there was going to be some special DLC available. Being unused to dealing with others in person he is very awkward and flusters easily. Kouta is full of self loathing and views video games as one of the only things that he’s good at, and he is very good at them being somewhat famous in certain fighting game rings. He serves as the group’s expert on games and is very uncomfortable with how everyone turns to him for information. He likes all sorts of video games and probably plays 100 new games a year. Since he spends all of his time indoors playing games, he isn’t very physically fit and has especially low stamina. However, he has excellent reflexes due to his mastery of rhythm games

Nickname: None

Charm point: He really isn’t used to dealing with girls

Quote: “You know that game I was talking about earlier? Well, it has a co-op feature, so you can play with other people…Well, uh, once we get out of here, um… I’d like to play it… with you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Hold hands and maybe let him teach you how to play a game

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • Kouta telling Saki about why he feels worthless, and Saki helping him to see that he has been her hero
  • Kouta’s discussion about how a pipe is actually a great weapon
  • Kouta’s mind game with Hogstein in the second Records Room

Worst moments:

  • After Saki and Kouta are unable to get in contact with the others after finding the second hospital, Kouta says that it is pretty common in video games for a hero to have to fight the final boss with only their partner. I know he’s trying to comfort Saki, but you are in a very dire situation at the moment, don’t compare it to video games

Worth the price of admission?: Kouta’s route is another one of the gems of this game. Kouta is adorable and, like Towa, has great character development. He is especially enjoyable since he is a video game fanatic and it shows in how he relates games to everything else in his life (which sometimes gets to be too much). Still, Kouta is a character I’d just like to cuddle

Recommended routes:


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