The Great Oz


Plot Summary: The MC sees amazing determination and a strong will in the eyes of the Great Eyes and she chooses him as his boyfriend. The MC wonders at what she saw in Oz’s eyes as everyone about her bursts into a commotion over her choice. As she spends more time with Oz she learns about his deep distrust for the wizards of Oz and also that he seems to know something about why she was brought back to Oz for her seventeenth birthday

What I think of him: The Great Oz is confident and very much a showman. He has accomplished a lot on his own so he has a great deal of faith in his ability to deal with any problems he comes up against. He lives an odd life since he mostly lives and travels in his hot-air balloon meaning that everything he owns needs to be able to travel in the balloon. He is a performer to his bones and frequently makes grand and theatrical moves. He works very hard at his illusions and he looks down at the wizards he views them as having too much power for not enough effort. He is charming and can be very commanding making him loved by his former citizens. He is very technically minded and intelligent and he frequently makes witty remarks at the expense of others. He has deeply regretted leaving the MC behind when he first left Oz

Nickname: Oz

Charm point: He doesn’t want to let the MC go

Quote: “Back then, I left a little girl who depended on me behind and went off on my own… This time. This time, I won’t leave you behind.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Dance together

Would have eloped with:

  • Crowlie, because he just can’t believe that the MC would choose Oz
  • Wesley, because after he is the closest to being Oz’s friend

Favorite moments:

  • Dancing in the middle of the night
  • Oz’s magic show
  • The MC being tough, especially when she threatens to push Oz down a cliff if he doesn’t let her help him down it
  • Crowlie, Heartman, and Leonard making a fuss when they find out that the MC and Oz are really dating
  • The MC trying to escape on her own and then telling Oz he’s late during his timely rescue

Worst moments:

  • If Oz was going to just brutally reveal the reason behind bringing the MC back he should have done it earlier, or there should have been more of a catalyst for his actions
  • Oz bringing up how the MC has finally grown up enough to care about being undressed in front of a man and then shortly after talking about how she was a little girl last time they met (and he was still an adult). An age difference is fine, I just hate when they draw attention to the squickier aspects of it

Worth the price of admission?: Oz is charming and the route has its moments as long as you don’t dwell on the parts where Oz is talking about the part where the MC was a little girl. The MC was great since she was pretty active and even had parts where she told Oz what to do. Other than a couple of shining moments, I thought this route was for the most part pretty bland, but that is true for all of the routes I’ve played in this game so far

Recommended routes:


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