Shall We Date: Oz +


Company: Solmare

Cost: Free-to-play with in app purchases

Synopsis: It has been years since the MC has returned home from the dreamlike land of Oz. One morning, as her seventeenth birthday approaches, the MC is started to find three handsome men at her doorstep. It turns out that these strangers are actually her companions from her journey through Oz: Crowlie the Scarecrow, Heartmann the Tin Woodsman, and Leonardo the Lion. They have come to take the MC to Oz once more in order to celebrate her birthday. The MC eagerly goes along and after going up with Norton the Wizard of the North, Solomon the Wizard of the South, and to everyone’s surprise Wesley the revived Wizard of the West, Solomon tells the MC that she should choose once one of the gathered men as her boyfriend during her stay

MC: The MC is Dorthy. She cherishes her aunt in uncle at the farm and adored her dog Toto, the son of her former dog Toto. She fondly remembers her time in Oz and  wishes that she could see everyone again. The MC is inquisitive and adventurous as well as being cheerful and kind. She is also pretty active and is quick to act when something needs to be done


  • Crowlie: Formerly a scarecrow, Crowlie was appointed as the next King of the Emerald City. He is an intellectual and turns to books whenever he need to know something
  • Heartmann: Formerly a tin woodman, Heartmann is now the King of the Winkies. He is dashing, brave, and very easily moved to tears
  • The Great Oz: The former King of the Emerald City. He is a confident showman and is great at stage magic
  • Leonardo: Formerly a lion, Leonard is now the King of the Forrest. Leonard is always upfront with his feels, and since he’s a little impulsive, he is always the first to throw himself into something
  • Solomon: The Wizard of the South who initiated the MC’s return to Oz. He is regarded as a benevolent ruler and the most powerful of the wizards, but at times he can be a little capricious
  • Wesley: The Wizard of the West who the MC previously melted. He was revived by Norton for the MC’s birthday. He is selfish and is always ready to go after whatever he wants

Impressions: I didn’t really have many expectations for this going in since I think an otoge that a direct sequel to The Wizard of Oz is a little strange considering Dorthy’s age; something like OZMAFIA!! is closer to an adaptation and is a little bit different. Solmare does manage to pull it off again with the character designs, which are probably the best thing about this game (I want Crowlie’s hood). Also the skit between the chapters is no longer a chapter preview, but they are super informative and/or funny. The plot is pretty meh, and it takes til pretty near the end for any amount of substantial conflict to show up and a majority of the route is “yay I’m in Oz again, let’s see how things changed” while the MC is getting to know more about whichever guy she chose. This makes everything feel very insubstantial. When I finish a route in this game I’m left wondering what exactly I was doing for over ten chapters. But yeah, it’s pretty I guess

Favorite Guy: The Great Oz

Favorite Route: The Great Oz

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