Yukimura Sanada (Samurai Love Ballad)


Plot Summary: The MC poses as her brother, Yahiko, and ends up as the poison taster for Shingen Takeda. Unfortunately, the magistrate claimed that Yahiko was a good fighter, and Yukimura is excited to see her show her stuff. The MC’s skill fails to materialize and it isn’t long before Yukimura accidentally discovers her secret. Shortly afterwards her secret is out among the troops and when the MC is accused of being a Tokugawa spy, Yukimura comes to her rescue by saying that he intends to marry the MC

What I think of him: Yukimura is straightforward and very much a warrior to the bone. He was raised strictly to die in battle in such a way that would bring glory to the Sanada Clan. Because of this Yukimura thinks almost exclusively of battle and of his immediate and honorable death. Still, Yukimura is extremely loyal to whomever he serves and is kind to his comrades and underlings. When he makes a promise, he does everything he can to keep it. As a result of his attitude towards war and his kindness, he is well liked and respected. Because he has a one track mind Yukimura has very little experience with woman, and he gets easily flustered around them

Nickname: None

Charm point: How he doesn’t know how to deal with women

Quote: “Compared to the thought of losing you… facing death was nothing… losing the soul of a samurai… was nothing to fear at all.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Be together, both blushing

Would have eloped with:

  • Masamune, because he respects Yukimura and lends a hand when needed

Favorite moments:

  • Both times Yukimura said he was going to take responsibility
  • The Sanada brothers helping out at the MC’s family’s restaurant
  • That Yukimura realized that the MC was lying when she said she was in love with someone else
  • The MC refusing to tell Ieyasu anything

Worst moments:

  • How Masayuki brainwashed Yukimura into wanting to die
  • Saizo blaming the MC for making Yukimura think of something besides an honorable death
  • Ieyasu is a dick and he doesn’t deserve the MC being nice to him at the end. She saved his life twice and he repays her by catching her, threatening to kill her, and then shooting down Momofuku? And she says that next time she’s going to cook him something better next time? No, just no

Worth the price of admission?: I really did love this route. Voltage’s other Yukimura Sanada (from Samura Amidst Chaos) has several traits in common with this Yukimura, but they are also very different and I probably love this Yukimura more just because he is so adorable and awkward; although it’s such a close call and I would probably switch sides if I had just finished the other Yukimura’s route. This route plays on what was probably Yukimura’s most famous historical attribute which is his bravery as a warrior. My friend an I have a head-cannon where Yukimura (any incarnation of him) is always trying to die and everyone else is trying to ensure that he lives; this route fulfills half of that head-cannon and the other part is due to Masayuki who is basically everything I don’t like about this route


Recommended routes:


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