Plot Summary: As she’s falling off the roof the MC thinks of Scorpio’s demands that she choose him and is immediately rescued by him. Scorpio demands that the MC absolve his sin in return for having saved her and immediately dismisses her as useless when it becomes clear that she has no idea what they are talking about. When he finds out that he can only use his power while touching the MC, Scorpio agrees to let the MC go home as long as she returns at his command. The MC is shocked that the gods she has been praying are not benevolent and don’t even like human all that much, but the more time she spends with Scorpio the more she wants to know about him

What I think of him: Scorpio is the cool and unfriendly Vice Minister of the Department of Punishments who is said to have been expelled from the heavens for using a forbidden power. He is very liberal with his sharp tongue and harsh words and has no love for humanity at all. Scorpio has the power to sense people’s negative emotions when he touches them and this (among other things) has caused him to view humanity only by those negative emotions. He is god who is feared and who views his purpose in living as punishing those who incur heaven’s wrath. Even amongst the gods he is respected (even revered) and feared since his powers are so strong and his purpose so direct

Nickname: Scorpy

Charm point: He loves apple bunnies

Quote: “Don’t say a word. All you have to do is let me make you mine.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Get bullied, but know that there is love behind every harsh word

Would have eloped with:

  • Icthys, because he’s a problem child but also so cheerful

Favorite moments:

  • The MC trying to protect the mother and baby when Scorpio takes her on the punishment mission, and how she completly stuns Scorpio with her actions
  • The MC figuring out how she can get away with sassing Scorpio
  • Apple bunnies scene
  • Scorpio and the MC getting chased through the amusement park by children
  • How even when he’s so in love he still feels very much like himself in the endings

Worst moments:

  • When the MC recognized the crazy militarist guy when he confronts her and Altair in from of the Gods’ house, why doesn’t she say anything
  • When Altair comes to get the MC when Scorpio falls ill the MC asks if Scorpio is sneaking out again to look at human inventions. I don’t think it ever gets mentioned again but I find it cute and hillarious so I wish there was more of this
  • If Zyglavis is not going to support your relationship why did he let the MC know about Scorpio’s feelings in the Forbidden Ending

Worth the price of admission?: I don’t know why but even though I usually complain that I want to see the softer side of the hateful characters sooner, I don’t have that complain about Scorpio. Maybe it’s because he’s a god and I don’t expect him to act by human standards or more likely it’s because that by the time you get to his backstory and power I figured that Scorpio has more reason than anybody to hate all of humanity. Even more likely is that once the MC finds out how to deal with Scorpio’s brand of meanness and sees how cute his weak-spots are, she really gets the upper hand in their relationship and does as much of the pushing as Scorpio does. If you can tough out the beginning (and it isn’t even that hard to do) and can stand being called stupid all day long, Scorpio’s route is a good one

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Ending Set Special Story: Just as she’s getting off work, Icthys, Dui, and Teorus show up at the planetarium claiming that Scorpio is in a foul mood and is demanding her presence. This gets a little sexy although the MC comes off as a bit of a ditz. I felt that it was a good bonus for paying for the ending set
  • Epilogue: Scorpio receives permission to do his duties while moving between the heavens and Earth. However it seems like being with the MC is causing his work to suffer, and after being reprimanded Scorpio withdraws from the MC. Seeing how down the MC is, the other gods decide to take the MC to the beach. Not only do you see all the guys (less Scorpio) in bathing suits, but Scorpio finally gives up the goods on his feeling for the MC. All it all ties up with a shared bath
  • Sequel: The MC accidentally ends up back in the heavens and after getting caught by the King of Heaven and overhearing the King ordering Scorpio to assassinate  a fallen god, the King put a Mark of Sin on the MC, one that makes it impossible for her to touch Scorpio. Once things get rolling this one is pretty bittersweet for the most part (and it constantly reminds you that this is the mood it’s going for). The situation leads up to a lot of great scenes (te kiss through the glass is probably my favorite) and I enjoyed both endings very much
  • Sequel Ending Set Special Story: The MC is accidentally transformed into Vega and gets to hear what all the gods really think about her. It is just as funny as it sounds, and best of all it ends with an embarrassed Scorpio

Notable substories:

  • His PoV: The main route from Scorpio’s PoV. It was interesting to see how early on he was regreting being so harsh towards the MC, but overall this felt very meh as far as PoV stories go. There was also no interaction with the other guys (besides the conversation when the MC leaves the gods’ house for the first time and one more conversation with Icthys) and there is a weird part towards the end where Scorpio “purifies the entire world” and I basically had a question mark hovering over my head

Recommended routes:


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