Eiki Yachigusa


Plot Summary: The MC is assigned to work on the bombing case with Eiki, and is surprised to learn that the trainee from the NYPD is actually famous for his deductive skills. As it is revealed that the bombing case turns out to be related to a case of art thievery, the MC begins to notice that the face Eiki shows to the world is merely a mask. She wants to learn the trust behind Eiki’s ever present smile, but she also realizes that she can’t afford to start a relationship with a man who will soon be leaving the country

What I think of him: Eiki is cheerful and easygoing. He is one of the mood makers of the 2nd Unit, and acts like the group’s younger brother. He is also very detached and doesn’t get invested in anything that doesn’t directly involve him. Eiki is very good at reading the situation and acting in a way that gives others a good opinion of him. As you may have guessed, Eiki is a very good actor and liar, to the point where he says that not even he knows his real self. Eiki has always tried to please those around him and he views his behavior as just his own way of getting around in the world. Eiki is a keen observer and excels at putting together small pieces of information; he call this “instinct”, but it is actually advanced deduction. Eiki is a bit of a Japanophile and also really loves jeans (to the point that he ruined a washer by stone-washing his own jeans)

Nickname: The Good Boy 

Charm point: His good nature

Quote: “FInally. For the first time in my 22 years of life, I’ve found something worth risking everything for…You turned my world upside down. Take responsibility.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, because even if you know you shouldn’t, you can’t resist

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • The MC eating her feelings off
  • The MC’s confrontation with the security guard that she thought was an intruder
  • I hate Eiki’s “Don’t worry, I won’t fall in love with you” speech on the plane, but I love the part just after that when he’s telling it to himself and stoking the MC’s cheek when he thinks she’s asleep
  • The guys trying to spy on the MC and Eiki on the rooftop even though their relationship wasn’t remotely romantic
  • Eiki loosing his cool after the MC’s “shoot me” stunt (which was also the most noteworthy and awesome thing that she did in this route)

Worst moments:

  • I hate, hate, hate that none of the corrupt politicians get their just desserts and that it feels like the MC and Eiki will be punished because of a corrupt system
  • Doing both the art thief investigation, the question about the morality of arresting someone who you think is doing the right thing, and the debate over falling in love with someone who will leave soon is a bit too much for one route

Worth the price of admission?: I find the plot of Eiki’s route incredibly frustrating since it doesn’t feel like anyone really wins in terms of the case, but I did like Eiki as a character. His relationship with the MC is sweet and it’s sort of heartbreaking watching them struggle so hard to keep their emotions distant even though they are falling in love. The route could use some tweaking in terms of the MC and Eiki’s work relationship. In Tennoji’s route, he and the MC have an awesome partnership since they have similarities (like their preference for being on the front line), but they also cover for each other (like how the MC is more detail oriented and can hold her cool a little bit more); in Eiki’s route, the MC is also very observant but Eiki is even more so and he is also better at putting together the pieces. The only area where the MC might have an edge over Eiki is physically (although that isn’t absolute) and nothing in the investigation really highlighted her physical capabilities (beyond her beating the security guard). However I can’t ding too many points on this account because the MC in this route is still more capable than she is in other routes and while the partnership isn’t amazing, it’s still pretty good

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: A few days after being taken off the art thief case and Eiki is set to leave in a week. The MC wants to be selfish and ask him to stay, or at least have Eiki be selfish and ask her to go with him, but she tries to hold it all in and spend as much time with Eiki in order to store up good memories of their short time together. This was a much better investigation of the problem of entering a relationship that you know will become super long distance than the main route. I did hate the inclusion of the runaway princess plot though, because Eiki and the MC turned it into such a downer (why does Eiki need all the plots with sad resolutions?)
  • Sequel: Eiki returns from a couple weeks in New York to tie up his loose ends there, but he isn’t given any time to rest as he and the MC are immediately on the case of a little girl who has been kidnapped. The case already has Eiki frustrated because of it’s similarities to a tragic ending case in his past, and the psychic who offers to help with their case and keeps spouting off about destiny isn’t helping his composure. I thought that the mental link that Eiki has between his present case and his past case was interesting, but the route doesn’t really do anything with this connection besides having it exist; other than this the case wasn’t particularly interesting at all. I liked how Eiki was beginning to change in a way that even the other guys were starting to notice, and the scene where he kisses the MC in front of them in the Happy Ending is my favorite Eiki scene. The timeline for this is a little confusing since the whole going to New York to tie up loose ends implies to me that it isn’t too long after the main route and epilogue, but the MC and Eiki mention a bunch of things that have happened since they’ve been together which must have taken place in substories which implies that some time has passed

Notable substories:

  • 2nd Unit Breaks the Code: While making an arrest Eiki’s vest gets ripped, and immediately after Eiki and the MC meet a distressed fashion student. This is a very entertaining substory. The guys explain the image where they are all posing in the PV and the MC undertakes a secret mission

Recommended routes:


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