Shusuke Asano


Plot Summary: After recovering from her injuries from the bombing, the MC returns to the 2nd Unit fulling expecting to be transferred. The other guys encourage her to stay, but Asano tells her to just leave if she doesn’t want to be in the 2nd Unit. So of course Kirisawa assigns the MC to partner with Asano on the bombing investigation.

What I think of him: Asano is very detached and appears emotioneless. He carefully observes situations which tends to lead to awkward silences, but he has learned to use this to his own advantage. Asano is very kind and gentle with children, but he actually have a pretty cynical world view, especially of women. He is somewhat contradictory in that he claims to dislike women, but he is also very gentlemenly

Nickname: None 

Charm point: His rare, but adorable smile

Quote: “I said I would protect you. I told you. I’d die for you. So you protect the other passengers and I’ll protect you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Just be together, quietly, possibly with magic tricks

Would have eloped with: No one else makes a strong enough showing to be singled out, but I would have jumped ship with anyone

Favorite moments:

  • The first visit to the Firefly’s Light Group Home
  • The MC trying and failing to preform a magic trick to cheer Asano up
  • The zoo trip when Asano and the MC go on when they’re forced to take a day off
  • Asano’s list of wishes in the Happy Ending

Worst moments:

  • The MC’s feelings about Asano changing near instantly
  • Considering Asano’s background and the MC’s recent conflict with him, it is super stupid that the 2nd Unit, much less Asano and the MC were put on Mr. Horio’s protection detail. Sure both Asano and the MC are professional enough that it wouldn’t affect their job, but you think you wouldn’t do that to a high profile client, or at least it isn’t very professional

Worth the price of admission?: Asano was who I was looking forward to most when Metro PD came out because I love Kaoru and Asano looks and seemed like he would act like Kaoru. I was immensely disappointed. Asano was a dick in the beginning of the route and the MC had to be the one to concede and begin to play on his terms before he began to soften to her (and I think that she switched for not being able to stand him to sort of like him nearly instantaneously). Also, Asano doesn’t seem to accept the MC as his partner and by the end sees her as someone who must be protected rather than viewing them as a couple who can guard each other’s back. Sure once he warms up to the MC, Asano is a great character; I just wish he showed a glimmer of likability earlier

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: A month and a half after the close of the bombing case, the MC wins a trip for two for an overnight stay at a hotspring inn. She wants to invite Asano but worries because their relationship hasn’t been clearly defined. The best scene is when the MC out guns Asano at a toy gun booth, but the moth valuable piece of character development was Asano’s realization that he needs to say something. All-in-all, I wasn’t particularly impressed with this epilogue
  • Sequel: The MC and Asano get a rare day off together and decide to head to Akitsuki Island to see some flowers that only bloom for a single week a year. On the boat ride over the couple hears about a treasure on the island and that the treasure hunters have received a note threatening to make them disappear. Suddenly, the MC and Asano’s rare time together has become an investigation trip. In the epilogue, Asano was supposed to have learned something about communication, but it doesn’t really show here. Additionally, although Asasno says that the MC is growing as a detective, he clearly sees her as someone to be protected rather than a full-fledged partner

Notable substories:

  • A Steamy Incident: The 2nd Unit wins a bowling tournament and the prize is an overnight stay at a hotsprings inn. Unfortunately they receive only four tickets and must decide who is going through a game of rock-paper-scissors. The MC manages to obtain one of the vouchers, but it seems like Asano will have to stay behind and work. The best thing about this is a running gag where everyone is telling Eiki that they went in the hotsprings with various animals
  • 2nd Unit Breaks the Code: The MC is curious about the pendant that Asano always wears, but before she can hear about it the 2nd Unit gets a case involving a dead body in some dark woods. This has a great flashback about Minoru and Asano as little kids, and the MC does a great job of helping to cheer Asano up, although she does do something incredibly stupid during this substory. Asano also ends things with a sweet confession
  • Agent in Disguise: Asano and the MC are sent to a design company to quietly deal with a plagerism issue. Their investigation is going nowhere and time is running out but then the suspect asks the MC out to dinner?! Asano is pretty adorable towards the end in this one and he’s also wearing glasses 😉

Recommended routes:


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