Yutaka Tennoji


Plot Summary: The MC is the only clue the team has to work with in the bombing case the MC got caught up in. Unfortunately, she can’t really remember the moments leading up to the explosion. In order to fill in her memory, Kirisawa orders the MC to work the case with Yutaka Tennoji. Tennoji views the MC as less than useless for being unable to remember anything about the perpetrator, and the MC is determined to prove him wrong

What I think of him: Tennoji is brash, loud, and number the one case closer in all of the Metro PD. He’s from Osaka and has a bit of a dialect. He’s gruff but he has great intentions. He really considers the suffering of the victims, and he always wants to be on the front lines and working out on the streets. Tennoji used to be in the 1st Unit, but he has the polar opposite philosophy about investigation from them, the biggest difference being that he doesn’t care who get credit so long as the people are protected. Tennoji has a short fuse and is a die-heard baseball fan

Nickname:  None

Charm point: He is much easier to tease than you’d think

Quote: “I don’t care who or what we’re up against… Terrorists, ghosts, even the head of the MPD himself… I will always protect you, no matter what. Be my girlfriend.” “If I survive this… I’m… I’m gonna convince you to be my girlfriend, so you’d better be ready.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, passionately and full of life

Would have eloped with:

  • Kirisawa, because he’s so understanding and caring

Favorite moments:

  • The MC’s successful interrogation of the witness from the third bombing
  • The fake make-out session used to watch where Mikami was going
  • Any scene where the MC and Tennoji are talking about food
  • The morning after the MC’s allnighter
  • The scene in the water after the Tennoji and the MC jump in to get away from an explosion

Worst moments:

  • The repeated references to the MC’s college ex-boyfriend were just constant enough to draw attention, but too insignificant too be necessary
  • I wish Tennoji’s sister had a slightly bigger role, or that the MC at least thought of her a little more/often than she does

Worth the price of admission?: Tennoji is a character, and in my opinion is a a much more suitable poster boy for this game than Hannai. Even in other routes Tennoji has a way of livening up the scenes, and his own route is no exception. Beyond Tennoji, the MC is also great in this route. She begins as an inexperienced detective, but her stubbornness, intuition, and through learning from those around her turn her into a  good detective and a great partner for Tennoji. Which brings me to the third high point of this route, which is the relationship of the MC and Tennoji. It’s not a super romantic relationship, but they are super comfortable with each other and cute in their own way. It’s a fun route with a crime that is actually pretty interesting

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: As their one month anniversary approaches, the MC and Tennoji are working a jeweler store robbing case. The other guys compliment the MC for how far she has come as a detective, but Tennoji, the one whose opinion she cares about the most, says that she shouldn’t let their words go to her head. This was a pretty cute epilogue and it showcases Tennoji’s sweet side, his sexy side, and also his corny side
  • Sequel: The MC and Tennoji head off to New York to catch a suspect and while there they run into a long-time friend of Tennoji. The relationship between Tennoji and the MC is so great; they aren’t your average couple and they both know and except that so they do things their own way. I didn’t find the investigation to be as engaging as the main route, and Tsuka’s warning doesn’t really work well since Tennoji’s workaholic tendencies have been mentioned but never really shown/stressed, but the focus is really on the MC and Tennoji’s relationship which is where it should be at this point

Notable substories:

  • A Steamy Incident: The 2nd Unit wins a bowling ticket and receives tickets for an overnight stay at a hotspring inn as a prize. The catch? There are only four tickets to share between them. The MC manages to obtain one of the vouchers but at the last minute Nomura has a special assignment for her, and the MC isn’t willing to work it alone. Thus, the MC and Tennoji end up babysitting the young son of one of Metro PD’s bigwigs. I love stories where a little kid has a crush on the MC, and Tennoji isn’t someone you’d picture as being great with kids (although kids would probably enjoy him) so it was cute to see his dad side eventually come out
  • Agent in Disguise: In order to protect a popular idol Tennoji is sent to Akihabara dressed as an otaku and the MC has to go dressed in a maid costume?! This is pretty funny and the MC is kickass

Recommended routes:


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