Takuto Hirukawa


Plot Summary: The MC chooses Takuto to be her babysitter and Takuto isn’t pleased at all. Takuto and the MC have the same taste in food and soon the other guys are are calling them the husband and wife comedy duo. The MC is still struggling with the idea of being a thief, especially when it becomes apparent that things are only going to get more dangerous going forward. Unexpectedly, Takuto seems like he’s just the one to help her through things

What I think of him: Takuto is a tech genius and a super tsundere. He was often alone as a child and that has caused him to be a little socially awkward; it also causes him to choke when he’s eating if someone is talking to him. Takuto has a sharp tongue and usually speaks both freely and crudely. He puts his intellect to use not only by hacking, but also by stringing together sharp, quick insults. Takuto has his own pace and dislikes having to do things because others want him to. He can be very sweet and caring, but he would die before letting the other guys see that side of him

Nickname:  Takkun

Charm point: Adorable tsundere-ness

Quote: “I finally… finally found something I never want to lose…”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, surprise ones

Would have eloped with:

  • Kenshi, because he’s so comforting and very brotherly

Favorite moments:

  • Takuto comforting the MC when missions go wrong
  • The failed aquarium/successful Hoaremon date
  • The White Raccoon, he’s an idiot and I love it
  • When Takuto tries to retrieve the floppy disc from the MC’s shirt pocket and everyone starts freaking out
  • The welcome back party after the New York mission and the walk home

Worst moments:

  • Takuto threatening the MC with a gun, especially when he continues to do so after the initial threat. Gun violence just isn’t Takuto’s style. The threat to cut off her fingers is much more Takuto than the gun
  • Sometimes Takuto’s insults can be just a bit too much. For example when they get back to Le Renard Noir after the New York Mission and Takuto lets loose a string of insults because the guys are teasing him. That was a little too much, even though the other guys provided good follow through

Worth the price of admission?: Takuto is one of Voltage’s most popular guys, and for good reason. His personality is cute and he and the MC grow very nicely from being together. Speaking to the route itself, the MC and Takuto have a great dynamic: their chemistry sparks and their dialogue is snappy

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: The MC and Takuto finally get a do-over of their aquarium date, and the MC frets that their relationship is a little lacking. Although I think this is a cute epilogue I don’t particularly care for the main conflict, which is that the MC needs to realize that she can’t expect her relationship with Takuto to be like an ordinary relationship
  • Sequel: While reading Takuto’s great-grandfather’s diary, the MC and Takuto discover that he always wished to give a snow globe made by the Japanese Da Vinci to his first love. The couple resolves to fulfill that last wish, even if they have to go to Takuto’s parent’s house to retrieve the snow globe. In the process the MC learns that Takuto made three promises to his great-grandfather, although Takuto won’t reveal the third promise to her. This sequel was great; the plot was exciting, Takuto’s character development was great, and there were lots of adorable and/or hot moments
  • Sequel Epilogue: Takuto’s hands have finally healed and he, and the MC make a plan for a pool date so the MC can show off her new bikini. Unfortunately for Takuto, a certain pest is about to start hounding their every step. A certain favorite side character of mine makes a return appearance, much to my joy, and Takuto’s desires begin to get the better of him. It’s a nice epilogue all around
  • The Proposal: The MC’s insecurities about Takuto’s feelings and Riki’s being fed up with how Takuto takes the MC for granted causes the MC and Takuto to have a fight. Shortly afterwards, the MC finds a letter from her grandfather in one of her albums that hints that there is a treasure out there for her and the Black Foxes to find. The mini-conflict that this route opens on is pretty average, but the search for the treasure and the rest of the route might be one of my favorite plots in all of Voltage-dom. I thought the riddles were interesting, the treasure was awesome, and the reasoning behind it all made me a little emotional. If you’ve gotten this far in Takuto’s routes, this route is a must buy
  • An Engaging Mission: Until they complete a mission for the Prime Minister, the MC has to stay in a shared house with Tatsuro and Yuki. Takuto is upset at the arrangement, and when the MC looses her engagement ring, their relationship becomes even more strained. Still, the mission must go on and as the Black Foxes and FBI Agents head for the North Pole, it becomes apparent that their opponent has is out to get Takuto. This route is not as good as Takuto’s other routes in my opinion, although there are some good scenes with Takuto and the MC in the North Pole bunker

Notable substories:

  • A Thief’s Day Job: Ranko needs to interview a hot guy at work for an article and the MC convinces Takuto to let them follow him around for a day. This is the first appearance of Hosoyama, who gets named dropped in some of the routes. This is a more goofy substory than anything else
  • A Hot Spring Trip: The Black Foxes are off to the hot springs, and guys are determined to not allow Takuto to hog the MC all to herself. Most of the charm in this is the guys goofing around together, although there are also some romantic scenes to enjoy
  • A Field Day for Thieves: The guys decide to help out Atsumu’s shopping district in a field day competition, and the MC has to cajole Takuto into giving it his all and playing fair. Unfortunately, the opposite team has someone who has set his sights on making Takuto loose. As fun as it is to see the MC spoiling and maneuvering Takuto, the best part of this is near the end when Takuto has one of his aww moments
  • His Heart’s Desire: The MC’s watch breaks and she and Takuto go out looking for a new one. It seems increasingly apparent to the MC that Takuto has a thing for her hands. Featuring, a doting and sexy Takuto
  • Today He’s Kind of… Takuto (&Today He’s KInd of… His PoV): The MC is at a class reunion and she begins to hear a certain voice from the earring Takuto gave her. This is all the silly you need, right up until Takuto’s flip gets switched
  • Kiss and Hug: From Sweet Cafe. The MC and Takuto head to the zoo for a date. This is really cute
  • Valentine’s: From Sweet Cafe: The MC is picking out chocolates for Valentine’s Day. Takuto tries to disguise his interest, and the MC can’t help but want to mess with him. This is super cute

Recommended routes:


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