Plot Summary: The MC chooses Rindoh as her companion with Kikyo, Ayu, and Ran deciding to tag along. Before the group sets out, the MC receives a warning from Kuroko that she should not trust Rindoh wholeheartedly. The MC is offended by Kuroko’s warning, and she soon discovers the reason why is that she has fallen in love with Rindoh even as she begins to notice that he is acting strange. But even though she is sure of her feelings, Rindoh will not accept them and claims that she is only a younger sister to him

What I think of him: Rindoh tends to act mature and like the adult of the group when he’s with the others (excepting Yayoi). He’s always taking care of and watching over everyone and can usually put a stop to everyone’s bickering. Rindoh doesn’t have ninja abilities and although he’s got tact, he’s more one for brute strength. In a straight fight, he can beat down any of the other descendants. Even though he’s like everyone’s big brother, he is also well known for being a womanizer. While he seems friendly and open, he hides some of what he really feels and is perfectly able to come up with complex plots. Rindoh is descended from Benki. Just as Benki loyally served Yoshitsune, Rindoh would do anything for those he’s chosen to cherish

Nickname: Mr. Rin

Charm point: He wants to pamper the MC

Quote: “You are my entire world… I want to protect you from everything that might hurt you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Get pushed down, he’s a beast, you know

Would have eloped with:

  • Kikyo, because he is always pulling Rindoh to be truthful and is willing to throw himself into the most dangerous position so everyone can be happy
  • Kaito, because he told the MC that she could come to him if she doesn’t want Rindoh anymore
  • Yayoi, because he’s the only one on an equal footing with Rindoh and can even get away with treating Rindoh as a kid sometimes

Favorite moments:

  • The guys trying to cheery up the MC after she tells them that Rindoh rejected her
  • The practicality with which the MC confront Rindoh when she overhears the Autumn Village’s plot
  • The MC beating Rindoh and making him confess everything
  • All the guys ganging up on Rindoh when they don’t like how he acts
  • The conversation with the guys and the MC’s ancestress

Worst moments:

  • The zombie medicine is a stupid plot contrivance, and I can’t believe that Rindoh even considered the idea without trying to look into it more
  • The MC and Rindoh being surprised that the others knew they were dating. After all the couple did announce it and aren’t even trying to hide it
  • It felt way too easy to break the curse this time around

Worth the price of admission?: Rindoh was someone who was I wasn’t I was interested, not from the previews and not from seeing him in other routes. Then I just happened to play one of his event stories, and suddenly I really wanted to read his main route. His motivation is much better explained in his own route, as it should be, and while not entirely original, it is also not completely predictable. He was a nice change of pace in that at least he wasn’t overjoyed when the MC confessed to him, and it was nice to see the MC show her stuff in this route as well

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: After enjoying the sunshine and the cake he baked, the MC and Rindoh head back to his place for dinner. But Rindoh has more than cooking on the mind. Yup, these really, really should just be added to the end of the Happy Ending

Notable substories: 

Recommended routes:


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