Yuki Arisugawa


Plot Summary: Even after the mission requiring the MC to live in the same house as Yuki and Tatsuro is over, she is forced to continue living with Yuki since someone else has moved into her old apartment. Yuki is just as distant as ever and the MC wonders if they will ever be able to be on friendly terms since Tatsuro is no longer around to bridge the gap between them. But just when the MC begins to see beyond Yuki’s mask and fall for her housemate, the Black Foxes have a new mission and Yuki may be in with the bad guys

What I think of him: Yuki is very cool and distant. He is uninterested in other people and prefers that others stay well out of his business. He takes his job with the FBI very seriously, although he doesn’t really understand why anyone would die for a piece of art. He is actually a pretty kind and considerate guy and has a passion for noodles. He is the sort of guy who take all responsibility onto himself and bears it without complaint merely because he sees it as his duty. He can be a little obvious in that he takes most spoken things at face value, and added to that he is hard to read himself

Nickname:  Mr. Freeze

Charm point: He takes everything (adorably) serious

Quote: “If you’re happy, then please give me some kind of smile. I really love seeing it. That smile has saved me so many times in moments of difficultly…”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Eat noodles together

Would have eloped with:

  • Takuto, because he is being his adorable tsundere self

Favorite moments:

  • The first time the MC sees Yuki smile
  • All the times Yuki gets excited by noodles
  • When the guys visit the MC and Yuki’s place and the first thing Hiro and Takuto do is try to sneak into Yuki’s room, only to abort mission when the MC threatens their dessert
  • The snow globe
  • Right at the end, in bed, when Yuki gives the MC a taste of his cigarette by kissing her

Worst moments:

  • The guys telling the MC to search Yuki’s stuff. Later they say that they didn’t realize that the MC loved Yuki, but right before they first asked her they were teasing her about falling for Yuki
  • Why did the MC stick to her lie about the passcode for so long? What was she really trying to accomplish?

Worth the price of admission?:

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: While on their long-awaited first date, the MC realizes that Yuki never really asks anything about her. While the MC is trying to subtly teach him about her preferences the Black Foxes show their faces and begin to interfere with the newly minted couple’s alone time. Yuki gets to be pretty adorable in this one, although I’m not really sure why he tried to not learn about the MC in the first place
  • Sequel: The MC wonders if her continuing to be a Black Fox make it impossible for her and Yuki to get closer, and her distraction causes her to blunder during the Black Foxes’s most recent mission. Tatsuro warns the MC that she’s on the FBI’s watch list and Yuki swears that he will protect. Yuki is a pretty formal guy and the MC reciprocates that attitude so it is really adorable to watch them try to be more informal. Even though the MC was just okay in this, I found Yuki to be really great and more than worth the cost of admission
  • Sequel Epilogue: The MC is given a project to work on an international display and give a presentation in English. Yuki helps her out but then gets word that he has received a promotion and must return to the United States of America. In the Sequel Route Yuki tells the MC that she should figure out the Rubik Cube herself since her grandfather left it to her, but ultimately ends up solving it for her; this epilogue feels like it’s addressing that. It’s not a very romantically satisfying story, but there was good character development and it ends in a good place for the next route to pick up

Notable substories:

  • Love Letter from Yuki: Atsumu’s newest hobby is writing romances and his first story is modeled on the MC and Yuki, who in addition to everything else is a thief called Alice. The premise is super funny, but Atsumu manages to keep the MC and Yuki in character and the language of his “story” reads very much like a contemporary teen romance novel (especially the descriptions)
  • Valentine Mission – FBI Agents & Kujo Brothers: The MC accidentally gave the chocolates she made especially for Yuki to Takuto and Takuto refuses to give them back unless they get him a certain something. This substory has a good balance of humor and romance and has just a bit of Yuki’s jealous side showing
  • Theif vs. Bodyguard: The Black Foxes’s next mission is to expose the corruption of the Prime Minister. Little do they know that the Prime Minister has been kidnapped and his capable Public Safety Officers and Bodyguards are on the case. Yuki sort of pairs up with Goto, but it’s to a much lesser extent than the other routes in this substory. This feels very much like the Sequel and shows a lot of Yuki’s desire to protect the MC with all he’s got
  • His Heart’s Desire: The MC ties up her hair and Yuki can’t seem to stop staring. All you need to know: it ends with a steamy shower scene
  • Cocoa Story: A Coin Drop story from Sweet Cafe. Rain leads to the MC and Yuki having a stay at home date and they decide to look through the MC’s baby album. This is one of my favorite Coin Drop stories, it is super cute and a little funny
  • Racing Heartbeat with him: From Sweet Cafe. The MC and Yuki are visiting her high school (for some reason) and they decide to do a little role play with the MC as a student and Yuki as a teacher. It’s not as dirty as it sounds, but it’s cute
  • Gold Medal Love: The Black Foxes and Yuki head to the gym and Yuki accidentally take a swig Kenshi’s drink which is full of Chinese herbs that also act as an aphrodisiac. Suddenly Yuki wants the MC all to himself and it doesn’t look like the rest of the guys will be able to hold him back. There’s some humor, but there’s a lot of more Yuki being sext

Recommended routes:


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