Kiyoto Makimura


Plot Summary: The MC wakes up after drinking too much and finds Kiyoto in her bedroom, claiming that they had slept together. Feeling guilty, the MC decides to throw herself full force in her work and her marriage. Unfortunatly, the next job she is assigned to is to help with an art exhibit featuring Kiyoto’s work

What I think of him: Kiyoto is 11 years younger  than the MC and is an art student who also works as a barkeep. He’s a really aggressive guy and is always hitting on the MC no matter how much she protests that she’s married. Kiyoto doesn’t have much faith in romantic relationships and has a cynical view on humanity in general. He’s got his walls up and would much rather hurt someone else than even be in danger of being hurt himself. Although he is mouthy and suggestive, sometimes Kiyoto’s youth does shine through and he can be boyish and immature. He calls painting a hobby, but in truth it is his passion and he is really devoted to his art

Nickname:  None

Charm point: Those moments where his youth shines through

Quote: “What can I do to make you love me? Be mine, Miss… I’m asking you… to love me.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Get pushed down, because that’s how Kiyoto is

Would have eloped with:

  • Shohei, because he tries and gives the MC her final push to seek happiness

Favorite moments:

  • That whenever Kiyoto goes a little to far the MC takes revenge, physically (biting, kicking, kneeing, or stomping)
  • When Kiyoto says he’ll paint the MC nude and Shohei gets wrapped up in the fantasy until the MC smacks them both
  • The MC going over to feed Kiyoto when he’s sick and the discussion about staying in love
  • When the MC meets Kiyoto in Paris in the Super Happy Ending

Worst moments:

  • The meeting scene are clipped together in a super abrupt fashion
  • Kiyoto is way to forceful in the beginning
  • The MC realizes that she’s being conceited in deciding what is best for Kiyoto but she doesn’t do anything to fix it

Worth the price of admission?: I don’t enjoy the first chunk of Kiyoto’s route, but I think he’s super adorable once the MC gets past his cynicism and he begins to act his age. The age difference is very Finally, In Love Again, but age isn’t too big of an issue in the main route, although it factors into a decision the MC makes at the end. If you’re uncertain about Kiyoto, because the first some chapters are unpleasant, I would maybe start with the Another Story, since he is more immediately likable there and if that goes well drift into the main route after bracing yourself

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Kiyoto returns to Japan ahead of schedule and when it seems like he intends to move in with her, the MC begins to worry. I think it’s around here that the MC is really becoming conscious of the difference in her and Kiyoto’s age, which continues to trend through the sequel and wedding routes. Kiyoto doesn’t all feel like he’s the MC’s lover, but I really do enjoy that boyish side that is a much bigger part of his personality from this point on
  • Sequel: The MC and Kiyoto have been together for a year and things are going well. Then Kiyoto mentions marriage in passing and suddenly it occurs to the MC that she has never thought about marrying Kiyoto even though she wants them to stay together forever. Suddenly advice is pouring in from every corner and nearly all of it seems to be telling the MC that she should never marry Kiyoto. I can’t really empathize with the whole “I want to be together forever but never thought about marriage” idea that pops up a couple times here, but I really did enjoy this route since it ties up some loose ends and points firmly towards the MC and Kiyoto’s future. Also, I adored Kiyoto’s proposal; it was sweet and very him
  • Wedding Vows: With Kiyoto’s graduation coming up, he and the MC make plans to move in together. At the same time, the MC is promoted at work and is assigned an important job for an antique appraiser, who wants her to recommend a young, up-and-coming artist for commission. Although the previous route already did the MC-works-with-someone-from-Kiyoto’s-past thing, it switches things up so whereas before it was Kiyoto working hard to get the MC and her family reconciled, this time the MC is reciprocating for Kiyoto. The actual wedding part is pretty glossed over and I’m not really satisfied with this as the conclusion to the MC and Kiyoto’s journey, but I guess he tried?

Notable substories:

  • Main Story – His PoV: The main route from Kiyoto’s point-of-view. As always, it’s nice to see a dickish dude slowly reform over the MC, and Kiyoto’s version is very well done and felt very believable. The best ending has additional content so be sure to use a guide
  • For His Future Wife: The sequel route from Kiyoto’s point-of-view. It is really very sweet seeing Kiyoto’s view of the route, especially seeing how much he adores the MC. It reads very briskly and skips a lot of scenes, but the last chapter is all original content and very good
  • Another Story: An alternate retelling of the main route where the MC divorces Koichi right away. Feeling lonely in her new apartment, the MC decides to get a cat, but when she recieves a kitten from Kiyoto, she somehow ends up with him living at her place as well. Kiyoto is still very much himself but he is much less sharp sinc e no of is Risa backstory gets mentioned so it is easier to begin liking him quicker. I just really like this route and I choose it over the main route (although the main route is important for plot reasons)
  • Baby Troubles?!: The MC suspects that she might be pregnant and frets about Kiyoto, who admits that he can’t deal with kids, will react. The best part of this is anything to do with Aoi’s adorable kids
  • St. Valentine’s Day: The MC is getting excited for Valentine’s Day, but it seems like Kiyoto might not be as interested as she is. Then Yukao gives the MC stuff for a chocolate bath. That previous sentence says it all

Recommended routes:


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