Shohei Aiba


Plot Summary: Shoehei finds the MC crying after she had is out with Koichi about his affair, and after speaking with him, the MC finds the courage to divorce her husband. But her short, disastrous marriage has left a scar on the MC. She finds herself leaning on Shoehei but then one of her coworkers, Nanami, claims that she likes Shohei and that the MC is her love rival

What I think of him: Shohei is kind, warm, and silly. He is excellent at his job, but because he always puts others ahead of himself, he hasn’t advanced as much as he could have. He has a tendency to trip right when he’s at the finish line and can be prone to panic and stupidity – all of which makes some think of him as unreliable – but he is actually super dependable and hardworking. He is an honest guy, usually comically so and is a bit of a pervert, but at least he’s honest about it?Shohei always tries to stand up for others and cheer them up when they’re down. He’s an expert at putting a halt to uncomfortable conversations, usually by making a fool of himself. He and the MC joined their company at the same time and have been friends since then.

Nickname: Sho, Aibaman

Charm point: How he always manages to make some little mistake

Quote: “I… Don’t want to hand you to anybody ever again. I’m not SURE that you’ll be happy, but I want to make you the happiest woman ever.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Joke around with (maybe on the back of his bike) because no one else can make you smile more

Would have eloped with:

  • Kippei, because he has a crush on the MC but still does his best to support Aiba

Favorite moments:

  • Shohei comforting the MC in the park after the last confrontation with Koichi
  • The MC falling onto Shohei during the business trip
  • Shohei getting upset when the MC says she has given up on love and his declaration about getting her to trust men again
  • Shohei’s gallant bicycle ride which is both so funny and also very him
  • Shohei’s award speech in the Super Happy Ending

Worst moments:

  • Shohei saying they can be each other’s fall back in case they don’t find other partners
  • Nanami got off way to easy for how bitchy she is throughout the route
  • Sometimes Shohei was a joke too silly

Worth the price of admission?: Shohei is a giant sweetheart. He always puts everyone else ahead of himself and puts the MC even more ahead of the rest. He’s the type of guy who is probably the best sort in real life and despite that he doesn’t feel bland at all in the hyper-dramatized world of otoge. Shohei is just really refreshing and comforting to play after being bullied and traumatized by most of the other guys out there

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Shohei is going to visit his family and invites the MC along. She accepts, but then frets about her status as a divorcee. This was a really nice epilogue, Shohei’s family is so warm and likable
  • Sequel: A year after they began dating and the MC feels like a proposal from Shohei is imminent, but when the perfect opportunity arises and the prosal fails to materialize, the MC begins to fret about her relationship. Additionally, she has been made into a team leader and is put in charge of one of the new hires. The MC is finding being a trainer to be rough, especially since Shohei has decided that it’s time for the MC to stand on her own two feet and has backed off giving her work advice. It was interesting how they took Nanami’s crush on Shohei from the first route and sort of twisted the situation in a variety of ways for this route. Also, Shohei is the same sweetie as always, but he disguises it well for the majority of the route, he is utterly adorable at the end though
  • Wedding Vows: It’s been a year since the proposal and the MC and Shohei have decided to begin planning their wedding. Then Shohei has to become the temporary manager and step in for Kippei. The MC feels that she rarely has time to spend with Shohei anymore, and slowly she feels like Shohei is becoming more and more distant. Shohei being distant is super rough and, considering what he and the MC have already been through, his reasoning doesn’t really hold. This is the first time you see the MC’s parents in Shohei’s routes, and her father is probably the most likable here; especially since he love teasing Shohei. Most of the route was pretty meh for me, but I love the Super Happy End, and I think that Shohei’s last project ties up his story line excellently

Notable substories:

  • Main Story – His PoV: The main route from Shohei’s point-of-view. This has a couple of nice additional scenes and overall you can really feel the love and devotion that Shohei feels for the MC. Because you can’t choose the chapter directly I would advise using a guide for this substory since there is an addition scene for getting the Super Happy End
  • For My Future Wife: The sequel route from Shohei’s point-of-view. You can see all the hard work Shohei put in for the MC, and maybe forgive the anxiety he caused by witnessing first hand how he waffled over the proposal. Additionally, at the end the MC moves in with Shohei for a week and it ends with the infamous apron situation
  • Another Story: An alternate first route where the MC doesn’t divorce her husband right away. Routes where the MC doesn’t have it out with Koichi in the beginning seriously stress me out so I like the original main route better. There’s something really sad about this route with how the MC doesn’t learn about Shohei’s true feelings until the end even though he is doing so much for her. Since things end well (provided you get the Super Happy Ending), it is more of a good wistfulness, and this definitely feels more serious than the main route. One thing that this story has for it is that it is the first time I’ve seen Koichi’s mother actually become a likable person, that’s the power of Shohei for you
  • A Secret Night with Ritsu & Shohei: Shohei has a dream that he is the boss of the management team and that the MC is a new hire. Oh Shohei… It’s kind of fun to see the contrast between the MC in his dream and the one in real life and how the MC felt put out by it seemed very… real?
  • St. Valentine’s Day: Shohei has choclate on his mind because after eight years of unrequited love, it is finally his first Valentine’s Day as the MC’s boyfriend. The MC doesn’t see what the big deal is at first, but she begins to recognize how much Shohei puts himself out there for her and how she has not really been reciprocating. This year, she determines, she’s going to let Shohei feel the love. This is very sweet and knowing how much Shohei cherished the obligation chocolates he previously go, I really looked forward to reading this substory. The MC started off pretty inconsiderate in this one, but I feel like she genuinely learns her lesson and will appreciate Shohei more in the future

Recommended routes:


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