Kippei Ebihara


Plot Summary: The MC decides to stay with her husband and try to talk things out. Unfortunately actually getting Koichi to sit down to talk to her is extraordinarily difficult. At work the MC has been partnered with her boss, Kippei to work on renovations for a preschool classroom. As they work together the MC finds herself not only learning a bunch of new things, but also becoming more and more conscious of Kippei as a man

What I think of him: Kippei is very strict and passionate about his work, to the point that he is nearly a workaholic. He’s got a little bit of tunnle vision and he does whatever he needs to do to meet his goals no matter what it causes others to say about him. Kippei likes people who are competent and who work hard, and he is always willing to teach someone who wants to learn. He’s a man who is super dependable and who’s word you can trust. Kippei may look cool, but he is actually very passionate and he can also be cute at unexpected moments. He’s a gentle man, although he can also be forceful

Nickname:  None

Charm point: He’s surprisingly cute

Quote: “Don’t cry over a man like that… Be… with me. I’ll never make you cry.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Be held by, because his hugs are comforting

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • Kippei getting bombarded by kids at the preschool
  • The typhoon enforced sleep over because this is when the MC begins to loosen up around Kippei
  • How Kippei tries to give the MC all the initiative and let’s her set the pact in their personal relationship
  • Kippei telling Koichi to separate with the MC
  • The quiet way that Kippei watches out for the MC

Worst moments:

  • Everyone deciding the MC’s life for her (and her mostly just going along with it) causes me enough stress to give me ulcers
  • I know that cheating and divorce (especially in this culture and situation) are really heavy subjects, but it bothers me so much that the MC goes back and forth so much on the issue of Koichi and Kippei
  • The MC’s parents and Koichi’s parents… Serious, I have to skip through so scene because I can’t take them

Worth the price of admission?: I really adore Kippei. He adores the MC but he is also firm with her (and at several points says the things that I was internally yelling at her). After he and the MC start to understand each other he is just really nice to be around. The route itself is an emotional roller coaster and there are parts that I hate, but mostly that’s just because the emotions were too intense and sad and I personally like happy emotions. So this is a good route, it’s just that when I’m rereading it I only read specific parts or I fast forward over other parts (like when the MC is having dinner with her family, Koichi, and his family)

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: News that the newly divorced MC and Kippei are dating has spread around the office, but the MC is holding her head high. What bothers her more is that Shohei suddenly confesses that he’s always had a crush on her, and the MC doesn’t know if she should hide that information from Kippei out of respect for Sohei, or if she should tell him since she doesn’t want to keep secrets from him. This was actually a pretty thoughtful epilogue which explores how the MC’s failed relationship with Koichi still affects her and starts to build her up as a strong woman who wants to be a full fledged partner in her relationships
  • Sequel: Things have been going well for the MC and Kippei to the point that everyone is asking when they will marry. But then Kippei surprises everyone – especially the MC – when he announces that he is transferring to a branch office. Kippei tells the MC that it’s up to her to decide what she should do, and she becomes torn over whether she should keep her job or quit to stay by Kippei’s side. Kippei’s a little hard to comprehend in this one (although Akiko’s explanation is very enlightening), so I recommend the His PoV  substory (For My Future Wife) for this route even more than I normally do
  • Wedding Vows: A year after Kippei proposed and he and the MC are opening the doors to Ebihara Design Group. Kippei has started mentioning a wedding, but when a deal goes wrong their new business is in danger. Kippei seems determined to shoulder the burden alone and the MC struggles to get him to. It’s nice to see how things progress as Kippei and the MC continue on the path to achieve their dream, but this route wasn’t anything special, certainly not on par with his other routes

Notable substories:

  • Main Story – His PoV: The main route from Kippei’s point-of-view. It’s great to see how Kippei slowly melted towards the MC (although once he gets to the like phase he falls fast). It includes a couple of extra scenes that help flesh out his character which is great to see. Make sure to use a walkthrough with this since there is a bonus scene if you get the best ending
  • For My Future Wife: The sequel from Kippei’s point-of-view. There aren’t very many new scenes from the route, but it does a great job in showing what exactly Kippei was thinking when he failed to communicate. Also, the scenes set after the sequel route’s end are great and it was worth purchasing this substory for these parts alone
  • Another Story: An alternate retelling of the main route starting with the supposition that the MC immediately asks Koichi for a divorce. This story is… different. The MC has character development, but it booksends the route, and the middle is mostly about Kippei’s devlopment. Kippei feels like an almost completely diffent character until near the end. This is something that only someone really into Kippei should bother to get, but I though I’d mention it since it’s basically another full-fledged route (with a Super Happy Ending so make sure to use a walkthrough because there is no chapter select option)
  • A Day with Him: A day in the MC’s life when Kippei is feeling particularly amorous. Kippei feels somewhat out of character since he can keep his hands off the MC, but it’s kind of sexy
  • Baby Trouble: The MC decides to go on a diet in order to become closer to Kippei’s ideal woman and in the process causes a major misunderstanding (thanks Kiyoto). I’m not a fan of the pregnancy scare plot line, but it is sort of funny to seeing the usually cool Kippei get himself worked up, especially since the MC has no idea what is going on inside his head
  • Today He’s Kind of…: From Sweet Cafe. The MC and Kippei go on a date to a local festival, and the MC challenges Kippei to a goldfish scooping competition. Two things: 1) Kippei in a yukata, 2) Sexy Kippei in a yukata

Recommended routes:


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