Plot Summary: The MC chooses Yukinojo as her partner, but is surprised to find that the ayakashi who promised to be “kind” to her is actually cold inside. Although his coldness chills her to her soul, the MC is entranced by the glimpses of kindness that she spies in Yukinojo, and can’t help but try to overcome the frozen walls he surrounds himself with

What I think of him: Yukinojo is kind and cold in turns. Everyone fears his frigid temper, and he is one of the few beings that can stop the arguments among the clan heads when things flare up. One very sore spot for him is his past. Since he spent some time in the human realm after school, he is the most knowledgeable about the humans and the way their world works. His thoughts regarding the agreement with the MC are very business-like, and excepting maybe Miyabi, he is the one who most believes that a relationship between a human and an ayakashi will never work out. Yukinojo is pretty set in his ways and it takes a lot to get him to change his view on something. Yukinojo has an infamous sweet tooth, and although he is capable in the kitchen, the other heads fear his cooking

Nickname: Yuki

Charm point: He loves flowers

Quote: “I want to grow carnations with you.” (Carnations symbolize “belief in love”)

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Tend the flowers together

Would have eloped with:

  • Kyoga, because he tries to help out  and is  a comforting presence for the MC

Favorite moments:

  • Yukinojo learning how to care for flowers
  • As she’s realizing that she has fallen for Yukinojo, her thoughts are really poetic
  • The MC taking the cursed arrow for Yukinojo
  • I like Kamikiri as an antagonist

Worst moments:

  • The MC risking her life to save a flower…
  • The MC being super shocked when Kyoga tells her that she should probably give up on Yukinojo after she asks him for advice. Just because you ask someone for help doesn’t mean they have to be supportive MC
  • The MC dragging Yukinojo out on a “date”. What was she thinking, especially with that game plan?

Worth the price of admission?: The first chapter of Yukinojo’s route traumatized me the first time I read it. In the early days of this game I had pinned Yukinojo down as the guy who I would be most interested in. And then he turned out to be a complete jerk and the way he nearly rapes the MC was way too much for me; sure the some of the others have similar scenes, but Yukinojo freezes the MC’s hands and then her feet so she can’t run away. This hurdle proved very high for me indeed, and I can’t quite enjoy Yukinojo because of it. What I can attest to is that the MC is kind of awesome in a tragic way. I didn’t like that she fell in love with Yukinojo right off the bat, but that is probably for the best since it saves space for the main focus of the route. What this route focuses on is the MC knowing she loves Yukinojo and also knowing that he will probably never love her but still just yearning for his happiness. It was beautiful in its own way (and the writing in this route is also very beautiful at times), but I still felts like Yukinojo should find happiness and the MC could have found someone else

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: The MC is enjoying what time she can get with Yukinojo, asking him on dates and chatting with him on the way home from work. But a firm set down from Hikobei regarding her position causes her to reconsider their relationship and withdraw.  Since the relationship between the MC and Yukinojo is so tenuous and fragile, the plot is very believable. Probably the most important thing about this though is that Yukinojo is forced to be the one to initiate, which I felt was a huge step for him
  • Sequel: As the MC and Yukinojo’s relationship blossoms and Yukinojo leaves his cold shell behind, the couple receives a request to go back to visit the yukibito clan. The MC goes with Yukinojo, despite fearing the lack of welcome she received during the last visit, but they are both surprised when she is warmly welcomed. However the hospitality of the yukibito is not unprompted.  Yukinojo has opened up a lot compared to where he started from and his consideration for the MC is nice to see. I found the main conflict to be pretty interesting, although the wrap up felt pretty quick and the inclusion of the little girl felt a little pointless
  • Sequel Epilogue: Yukinojo suddenly gets a job in order to make some money of his own. The MC feels a little lonely but is constantly being told to wait to see what Yukinojo is up to. Although this didn’t really feel like it had much to do with anything it was pretty cute to see Yukinojo trying so hard

Notable substories:

  • Main Story His PoV: The main route from Yukinojo’s point-of-view. It made me like Yukinojo a little more and gives a reason for why he lets the MC take the lead in their relationship. There are some scenes with the other guys that make me hate them and yet more that make me love them
  • A Poem from Yukinojo: The MC worries that Yukinojo is eating too many sweets. Yukinojo brushes off her concerns and the MC feels like he is treating her like a child. What I liked about this substory is what happens to the MC around the climax, and I also thought Yukinojo having a sweet problem was sort of funny

Recommended routes:


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