Plot Summary: While the clan heads are demanding the MC choose her partner, Kiryu jumps down from the roof, pushes the MC down, and makes the agreement. At first, the MC thinks Kiryu is a god, but she soon learns that Kiryu sees her only as a tool to be used by his clan. But after learning that Kiryu is actually her favorite author and then seeing how Kiryu’s clan treats him, the MC begins to have feelings for the cranky Ryu Clan head

What I think of him: Kiryu is the grouchy, mercurial, hermit-like head of the Ryu Clan, who has disappeared from the Mononoke Village and secretly lives in the human world as a popular author. He was strictly raised by his father to be the clan head and has suffocated under that pressure. He is the oldest, and probably most cynical, of all the suitors and, ignore the MC’s power boosts, probably the most powerful. Yet, although Kiryu is very powerful, he also feels very powerless.

Kiryu is rumored to have killed one of his clan members, a taboo, and is looked down upon and even despised by some; he is pretty much a clan head in name only. He has found some peace in the human world, and he adores all the stuff humans have invented (like pasta rollers and roombas). He wants to be left alone by everyone and even his work as an author is mostly done via phone, video chat, email, and fax. But despite his desire to be alone, he is very serious about his writing and works very hard at it. He is rude, wary of others, and never trusts anyone else’s intentions. As a writer his works are full of feeling and emotion, and his turn of phrase is lyrical; he is also very articulate when speaking

Nickname: Tatsuya Kizaki

Charm point: He has a thing for human gadgets

Quote: Confirming receipt of your feelings… Prove them to me with a kiss.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Get pushed down, rawr

Would have eloped with:

  • Samon, because he worries about the MC so much

Favorite moments:

  • Hanging out at Kiryu’s condo after visiting his clan
  • The MC fangirling over Kiryu’s books
  • Kiryu using the MC as inspiration
  • “That’s very you”
  • Kiryu in human form, in traditional clothes

Worst moments:

  • Yukinojo assaulting the MC and then having a conversation like nothing happened after failing to replace the mark
  • Kiryu’s mood swings
  • The multiple times the MC is dumbstruck by how good Kiryu looks (a couple of times is okay, because I totally get it, but it happened a little too often)

Worth the price of admission?: I was on the edge of my seat waiting for Kiryu as soon as I saw him in the second season prologue, and he doesn’t disappoint. In some ways Kiryu is very similar to many of the other character in this game as he is has a tough outer shell and the MC just needs to wiggle her way through his armor to expose his soft side. However, Kiryu is also very much his own special character. He is a clan leader, but he doesn’t want to be, and in fact he wants as little to do with the Mononoke Village (and anyone else) as possible. He actually hates his clan, and he would and his clan would be just as well off if the MC were dead. Kiryu’s father was also the ayakashi who claimed the previous girl with once-in-1,000-years power, which I found particularly fascinating. You really need to read through at least the sequel to get a true sense of Kiryu’s character, but from all my raving I think you can see I think he’s worth it

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Kiryu invites the MC to go to Kamakura with him for research purposes. You get to see a bunch of new sides to Kiryu and the end is super sweet and makes me want to squish him
  • Sequel: Just when it seems that the MC and Kiryu will manage a date, they receive news that Kiryu’s clan has been starting fights in neutral territory in the Mononoke Village. When they return to the village to learn what is happening, Kiryu’s father announces that he intends to replace Kiryu has the head of the clan. Since Kiryu wants as little to do with his clan as possible, it was interesting that this mostly takes place in the Mononoke Village. Although it doesn’t really feel like the relationship between the MC and Kiryu is spotlighted, this route provides important information about Kiryu’s past
  • Sequel Epilogue: Since deciding to take his duties as the clan head seriously, the MC has been able to spend very little time with him and her loneliness is growing. Although I enjoyed the ending, this felt like another mostly meh epilogue
  • Love Nest for Two: Three powerful omnyoji that have been sealed away for a thousand years are freed and are after the MC. The only way that Kiryu can seal them is too deepen his bond with the MC and awaken, but then the MC begins to show signs of having absorbed ayakashi power and seems to be moving away from humanity. The first CG was hilarious, but the last one makes up for it. Overall the route was pretty good, although the MC and Kiryu didn’t do a very good job of expressing why it would be bad for her to be an ayakashi. Kiryu’s dad makes another appearance, and it was nice too see him redeem himself a little (I think I would like to see a short story about Ryusen and Miyabi’s dad chatting)
  • Love Nest for Two Epilogue: The MC worries that Kiryu has grown tired of her. This was a super cute epilogue and the last chapter was very hot for a Voltage game. Definitely recommend

Notable substories:

  • Main Story His PoV: The main route from Kiryu’s point-of-view. It doesn’t really provide much new content or really illuminate much, but it was well enough
  • Sequel His PoV: The sequel route from Kiryu’s point-of-view. Since Kiryu didn’t communicate with the MC very well in this route, this substory has a lot of good information to fill in holes from the route and was very informative. And I just love feeling the guy’s love for the MC

Recommended routes:



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