Plot Summary: The MC makes the agreement with Shinra, but while she’s dealing with Shinra’s pushy behavior, she begins to dream about her first love, a young boy she knew as a child. A young man who might be that boy appears and the MC finds herself torn between him and Shinra, who she is becoming more and more drawn to

What I think of him: Shinra is the hotblooded and cocky oni chieftain. As the youngest of the clan heads to come to the MC, he is frequently teased by the others, but he can hold his own in a fight and is always ready to brawl. Despite being a bit of a hothead and bully, Shinra is also very gentle. He is very popular with children and prefers to let his enemies live if they show remorse. Because of certain events in his childhood, he doubts whether he has the capability to be his clan’s head and that leads him to be indecisive at critical moments. He’s rough around the edges, but his heart is in the right place

Nickname: Little Oni, Red Oni/Ogre, Creepy Oni

Charm point: How he’s always ready to play with kids

Quote: “I’m not protecting you because of the agreement. I was always going to protect you with everything I’ve got, no matter who you chose. And… I’m going to keep protecting you. As a man. That agreement doesn’t matter.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Read together, remembering the past and making new memories

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • Shinra hanging out in the kids’ corner of the library
  • That the MC saw through Shinra’s second attack on her and noticing that he’s suffering
  • How Shinra always finds the MC, no matter how hard he has to search
  • Shinra talking tough, but being perfectly willing to do things with the MC

Worst moments:

  • The MC going along with Taira even though she has feelings for Shinra, and especially letting Shinra walk away
  • Why doesn’t Shinra confess it was him
  • The town being so wishy-washy

Worth the price of admission?: I love Shinra. Out of the original set of guys (Miyai, Chikage, Yukinojo, Kyoga, and Shinra), he is the only one who intended to look out for her best interest from the start. Shinra’s plot is probably one of my favorites in this game, and although his ability to commit all the way is annoying, I always wanted to root for him to become the awesome leader he shows hints of being. I think it is really too bad that he seems to be the least popular guy of the group (judging from the release of routes in the second season) since I think he and his route is much better than some of the other guys (Yukinojo)

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Even though they are dating, the MC is concerned that the intimacy between her and Shinra might actually be regressing. Additionally, a comment by Miyabi makes her think that maybe Shinra is only after her powers. I liked this epilogue a lot, except for the MC’s concern that Shinra is using her; since the main route established that Shinra has always loved the MC and that he was always waiting to return to her
  • Sequel: It has been several months since the MC and Shinra started dating, and the MC has noticed that Shinra has become more manly. However that is not the only change happening to Shinra, and more and more people are beginning to notice that Shinra doesn’t always act like himself.  This sequel is different from most of the other sequel routes in the game since it doesn’t involve the MC loosing her power and is actually about the opposite situation. It was very interesting and I think I would have enjoyed it even if I didn’t love Shinra
  • Sequel Epilogue: When the fridge breaks the MC and Shinra find themselves enterd in a neighborhood sports day competition in order to win a new one. It gets sweet at the end, but the beginning is just as silly and fun as it sounds

Notable substories:

  • Main Story His PoV: The main route from Shinra’s point-of-view. Although I wish this had a little more coverage over significant scenes (like Shinra finding the MC in the Forrest or seeing Taira again for the first time), there are some great new scene some of which are very endearing and others that are for humor’s sake
  • A Poem from Shinra: Their 100th day anniversary is coming up, but the MC is disappointed to learn that Shinra doesn’t really see anything special about an anniversary. Most of this substory is pretty typical and mundane, but the end and Shinra’s PoV chapter is super sweet and it’s worth getting through the rest of the route to get to them
  • The Game of Submission: The MC loses a game of reversi to Shinra and has to obey his orders for the rest of the day. This one starts really cute and then gets really sexy. I didn’t expect it from Shinra, but there you go

Recommended routes:



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