Plot Summary: The MC chooses Chikage as her partner. Chikage doesn’t seem to have much interest in her beyond her ability. The MC finds herself more and more drawn to Chikage and his rare displays of gentleness, but then an ayakashi from Chikage’s past begins to target the MC in order to get revenge on her, and the MC wonders if it might not be the barrier of species they need to overcome but that of Chikage’s past

What I think of him: Chikage is cool and unsocial and is a black tengu. He’s the sort of guy who is good at whatever he put his mind to, but part of his talent is through his own hard work and effort. He tends to be disinterested in things concerning the human world, but certain things can easily trigger his interests. Because of how he grew up, he doesn’t believe himself capable of caring for others, but the gentleness he shows Koten belies this belief. He prefers to be on his own, or at least not in crowded and loud spaces. He has a refined attitude and is pretty traditional, but can also be pretty forceful and a little bit of a sadist

Nickname: None

Charm point: How much he cares for Koten

Quote: “I want to exchange power for a privilege. The privilege that I, and only I, can touch you like this.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Fly through the sky

Would have eloped with:

  • Kyoga, because he’s like a puppy

Favorite moments:

  • The MC is all sass, especially in her head, and it is great since she has so little power in this game
  • Koten is adorable and is probably the only mascot character that I actually like. He is a good method for getting though Chikage’s formidable defenses, and stands in stark contrast to Chikage’s belief that he cannot care for anyone
  • Pretending to be a family at the mall
  • The flight on the way to confront Magama
  • The night flight

Worst moments:

  • Chikage pushing the MC to the point where she’s rather quit everything and possibly die (twice)

Worth the price of admission?: Chikage is actually a pretty enjoyable character, especially because he is pretty adorable in that specially, unexpected way. Chikage’s coolness might actually be a bit too much for me on its own, but a combination of Koten’s adorableness and the MC’s sometimes funny thoughts bring a nice does of levity to the route until Chikage’s cute awkwardness can shine through. If you’re interested in Enchanted in the Moonlight, I image Chikage’s route would be one of the most widely enjoyed

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Even though the MC knows her and Chikage’s feelings are mutual she feels like their relationship hasn’t really changed. So when a festival rolls around, she asks Chikage out. This is kind of cute and shows how Chikage is growing into their relationship. Also, Chikage has a line that perfectly and subtlety ties in with the sequel
  • Sequel: Now that the MC and Chikage have consummated their relationship, the Tengu elders are demanding that the couple come back to visit. At the Tengu residence, the MC is reminded that others see their relationship as a political arrangement and she also meets a friendly female Tengu who was Chikage’s schoolmate. Chikage had changed so much from the beginning of the main route. Although the snark is still there, you really get a sense of how much he loves and cherishes the MC.
  • Sequel Epilogue: After learning that Chikage was keeping an observation diary about her, the MC suggest that they do an exchange diary. She enjoys hearing about Chikage’s everyday experiences, but she didn’t expect to feel so lonely. Chikage is adorable, precious being, and that’s all you need to know about this epilogue
  • Love Nest for Two: When three onmyoji awaken and seek out the MC for her blood, Chikage and the MC go into hiding alone as they try to figure out how to reseal the new threat. Although she want to enjoy being together, the MC worries that Chikage will sacrifice his life to save her because she is unable to do anything for him. This was a very enjoyable route, Chikahe was his usual love able self and the MC was awesome once she decided that she was going to act. Since it was a shorter route s lot of things got cut that I kind of missed, like Koten, but I think it was for the best since the route maintained a tight focus
  • Love Nest for Two Epilogue: The MC and Chikage are enjoying their last couple of days alone in Kiryu’s house, and the MC decides to try to be closer to Chikage’s ideal woman. This epilogue was okay, a little lackluster after the previous route, but serviceable

Notable substories:

  • Main Story His PoV: The main route from Chikage’s point-of-view. There are a lot of adorable sneeze scene and it is very endearing to watch Chikage try to figure out how girls work
  • A Poem for Chikage: The MC manages to convince Chikage to take her on a date to a popular date spot and to take a commemorative photo. But once they get home Chikage claims to have thrown the photo away. Chikage is very tsundere in this one, but it is worth wading through the tsun to get to the dere

Recommended routes:



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