Nao Fujimori


Plot Summary: After a long opening ceremony one of Nao’s friends tells the MC that Nao will be waiting for her behind the gym during lunch. Nao asks her out, and she accepts on the terms of them starting out as friends. Having never been in a relationship before, the MC is uncertain about how her relationship with Nao should play out, but soon learns that Nao is just as new to dating as she is. Somehow, as the two of them fumble their way through things together, the MC finds her feelings for Nao growing

What I think of him: Nao is energetic, cheerful, and very straightforward. He a little rash and impulsive. What’s more, when Nao starts running with on an idea, he keeps going with it and tends not to notice the opinions of others. Although he’s popular, Nao has no experience with girls and he’s a little silly and awkward. Nao has no problem with acting the fool in public. He gets nervous at times and usually ends up doing something unintentionally embarrassing because of it. He’s scared of putting his all into something and not getting results, and feels like he’s living in the shadows of his brothers. He has a very “typical high school boy” vibe about his despite his popularity and athletic ability, and he is completely and totally in love with the MC

Nickname: King of Rebounds

Charm point: He has no idea what he is doing

Quote: “You’re the whole reason I realized it was OK to believe in myself.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Ride behind him on his bicycle

Would have eloped with: No one (though if Takumi was an option…)

Favorite moments:

  • The terribly awkward first date, especially Nao’s reaction to the MC finding his instructions
  • Takumi’s kissing simulation lesson
  • The search for condoms, and how Nao is willing to wait until the MC is ready to have sex
  • I love Nao’s reason for falling in love with MC

Worst moments:

  • The MC lets Nao have his way to much (a locker room, seriously?)
  • The over-dramatic reason for the guys to be late to the game
  • Maki is annoying

Worth the price of admission?: This route constantly reminds you that it’s about first love, and though it seems fake at times, there are also a lot of moment where I was saying “yes, that’s what dating for the first time is like”. The relationship feels a little rushed, and not only because of Nao’s pushing; the MC decides that she’s in love pretty quickly too. And there’s really doesn’t feel like there is much substinence in the route compared to other games or even other routes in this game (although major props for the condoms bit). It’s mostly just a cute piece of fluff, and you’ll probably like it if you want a guy who isn’t the cool type

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: The MC and Nao are out on a date, and the MC can’t help but notice Nao’s fascination with a certain female body part. Nao is so happy and hyper, and learning his weakness is not surprising at all. I did enjoy the karaoke part though
  • Sequel: The MC and Nao’s six month anniversary is coming up, and Nao seems determined to wow the MC with an original production (no notes from Takumi this time). Nao seems to be having trouble coming up with an idea for their anniversary date, but eventually he comes up with two ideas: a couple metal-smithing workshop in the mountains or staying over at his place when his family is out.

Notable substories:

  • Before I Asked her Out: A short substory from Nao’s point-of-view about the events leading up to him asking the MC out. It is really adorable and sweet (and funny)
  • Wish Upon a Time: Takes place during the Senior Season. Tanabata is coming up, but the MC isn’t holding out for a date with Nao since the basketball is on a roll. When they unexpected get the day off; Nao tells the MC to leave the date planning to him, promising to show her some special starts. This is another Nao getting carried away story, but ends sweetly. Also, the chapter in his PoV is hilarious and cute

Recommended routes:


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