Ichigo Sato

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Plot Summary: When the floor in her bedroom falls though. The MC finds herself staying at Ichigo’s house, in exchange (or so Ichigo claims) she has to help out in his family’s bakery. The only thing that seems to not have changed about Ichigo is that he is as mean to her as ever, but that doesn’t bother the MC so much as how Ichigo acts like he resents not only his family’s bakery, but their entire hometown

What I think of him: Ichigo is a complete tsundere. He is confident, vocal, and a bit full of himself. But he is also very untruthful and infrequently admits to his true feelings; which causes him to say a lot of harsh things. He gets jealous easily and, being a little immature, it is not uncommon for him to storm out of a room. He’s well into his teenage rebellion period and says that he hates his hometown and is embarrassed by his father’s profession, but he really love his hometown (even if he thinks it’s a little wacky) and really looks up to his father. Ichigo dislikes sweets, but is a great at baking and enjoys seeing people enjoy the things he makes. He has a wide competitive streak and is very aware of what people might think about him and spends a fair amount of time trying to live up to his image; he hates to show if something is difficult for him. He liked the MC as a child and showed it by mercilessly picking on her

Nickname: Ichy

Charm point: He wants the MC to be all his

Quote: “I never forgot about you while you were gone. I can’t lose you to anybody.” “Promise me you;ll be mine and only mine.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: A kiss, one that tastes sweet and is a promise

Would have eloped with:

  • Haruki, because I need his sweetness after all of Ichigo’s salt
  • Johji, because he’s always there to talk with the MC when she needs help
  • Ryuzo, because he is ready to punch Ichigo when he is being stubborn

Favorite moments:

  • The childhood memory about the festival is adorable
  • Ichigo’s parents are adorable
  • Ichigo trying to keep Togo away from the MC
  • The MC comforting Ichigo at the Octopus Park
  • Ichigo and the MC’s first kiss

Worst moments:

  • Ichigo’s misunderstanding
  • I would have liked Ichigo to be a little kinder to the MC

Worth the price of admission?:

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: It’s festival season and Ichigo’s dad is handing down the honor of bearing the shrine to Ichigo. The MC is looking forward to seeing Ichigo in the parade, but a misunderstanding threatens to ruin their enjoyment of the festival. Ichigo is much the same and the problem is pretty similar to the conflict at the end of the main route. Still Ichigo is trying to be kinder and more honest and I appreciate the effort. Additionally I liked that Ichigo’s dad join his mom in asking the MC to marrying Ichigo
  • Sequel: A couple months after the main route and the MC and Ichigo’s relationship is going strong. It’s time for career counseling and the MC seems to be the only one of her group that doesn’t know what she wants to do. But her indecision is put on the back burner when Ichigo’s father announces that he’s not going to let Ichigo inherit the bakery. This was a great route to see not only how much Ichigo has changed after reuniting with the MC, but how much he will continue to grow in the future
  • 3 Years Later: Ichigo has returned from France and now works as an apprentice pastry chef in a hotel while the rest of the crew is in college. The MC is enjoying being in the same country as her boyfriend, but as they both get busy with their own things she begins to feel like they are still having a long distance relationship. Then to add to her worries, the MC’s parents are returning to Japan for a visit, and Ichigo doesn’t seem thrilled about meeting them again. I didn’t enjoy this too much because, while I loved the CGs and the funny and/or sweet moments, it felt moster like a lesson about how people in a relationship should communicate and support each other than a story about two specific characters
  • Living with Him: Since the both of them are busy, Ichigo suggests that the MC move in with him. At the same time, Ichigo bakes a cake for a friend’s wedding which gets him invited to participate in a sweets competition. The MC begins to worry that she isn’t being properly supportive of Ichigo; a problem that isn’t helped when it seems like Ichigo is keeping his worries secret from her. I found this to be interesting, and although Ichigo was driving the conflict, I felt very invested in how the MC was handling the situation. The MC in this route takes her time thinking about things, but once she comes to a decision she goes for it which is a great contrast to Ichigo, who is wavering in this case
  • 10 Years Later: It’s been ten years since they’ve started dating and the MC is back in West Tokyo working for city hall. Since their ten year anniversary is coming up, the MC expects Ichigo to propose on their special day, but when that doesn’t happen she becomes bewildered. Meanwhile, Ichigo has been selected to be his shop’s representative for the King of Patisserie competition, and the MC tries to put her feelings aside in order to support him in that as well. Could this latest rough patch mean the end of their relationship? Ichigo is still being very much himself and puffing up with pride and trying not to let the MC see his weak point, and seeing someone finally call him out on his actions was really gratifying. The MC’s behavior isn’t much better, since most of the drama could have been avoided if she would just talk to him and tell him her honest opinion about his cakes (they’ve been together for ten years and since this caused a problem before she should be over it). Overall, I wasn’t very impressed by anyone but Haruki
  • Wedding Sequel: During their pre-wedding trip to Paris, Ichigo decides that he is ready to open his own patisserie. While his plans seem to be progressing smoothly, the MC can’t help but worry about Ichigo since he appears to be overworking himself. This route was what I was waiting to see from Ichigo, it is excellent. Ichigo manages to show his confidence, but also exposes his vulnerability when he needs to, and the MC shows just what she can do in terms of support. The wedding isn’t focused on, and the last scene was super rushed, but I still felt super satisfied by this route

Notable substories:

  • Sealed with a Kiss: Takes place between seasons 1 and 2. Ichigo has been in Paris for six months and the separation is beginning to hit the MC hard. She is especially disappointed to learn that Ichigo won’t be home for the summer, but then Ichigo sends her a plane ticket to come visit him. This was a sweet and very necessary substory. It is one thing to hear “it was rough being separated” after the fact and entirely another to see the characters suffering through it
  • Today he’s kind of… & His PoV: This is on Sweet Cafe and takes place during the second season.
  • Racing Heartbeat & Be Mine: A story on Sweet Cafe which takes place with the characters about second season age. In an alternate universe, Ichigo is the MC’s senior at work who is always looking out for her and has also just become her boyfriend. I like the slightly different dynamic with the MC and Ichigo not being childhood friends and the chapter from his PoV was cute
  • Let’s Make a Toast: Takes place during the second season. Ichigo is working hard learning to make cakes with wine from a sommelier. The MC has never drunk alcohol before, and when Ichigo is about to take her out for her first drink, he gets a call and has to meet his teacher. I thought that this was cute, and the end part was a sweet, very Ichigo moment
  • Sleepless Nights: Takes place during the second season. Ichigo gets a cold and with his parents out of town, the MC decides to take care of him. Basically, sick Ichigo is adorable and needy
  • Sports Day Kiss: Takes place during the first season. Sports day is coming around and when the MC mentions she might play basketball, Ichigo immediately demands that he be put on the basketball team. With Ichigo and Takeshi on the team it seems like the MC’s team is a shoe-in to win, but then Ichigo twists his ankle. This is so much like a sports anime that I just loved it
  • Black Ship Halloween: Takes place during the first season. The MC and company are throwing a Halloween even at the Black Ship, and the MC and Ichigo are in charge of making sweets for the trick-or-treaters. Ichigo comes up with a new cookie recipe, but on the day they are supposed to bake, the oven at his father’s bakery breaks down. Ichigo gets the vampire costume, and you can pretty much guess how it goes from there
  • Steamy Days in Hot Springs: The group wins a night’s stay at a hot springs in, but while there Ryuzo can’t help but drag the crew out on a test of courage. If you want to see a vulnerable Ichigo, here’s your chance, it comes with a CG and is super cute

Recommended routes:


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