Rihito Hatsune

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Plot Summary: The MC is surprise to learn that Rihito, who she always thought was a girl, is actually a boy, and that’s not all that has changed about him. To the MC’s joy he still plays the piano, but his mother, who is determined to see him succeed, might tear Rihito away from his friend even though the MC has just returned

What I think of him: Rihito is mischievous and playful with his friends. He is the youngest in the group, but acts a lot more worldly than the others, frequently spouting suggestive comments. He is very intelligent, frequently helping Ryuzo with homework, and cunning as he usually able to get information out of people when he wants it. Although he hates when people compare him to a girl, but he isn’t shy about using his charm on others. He was raised by a single mother, and he loves his mother very much and does everything he can to please her. He acts very differently when not with his friends and while he is an obedient son, with others he is cynical and very much a playboy. He has a really strong desire to monopolize the MC

Nickname: Richy

Charm point: He talks big, but the MC can easily get him to blush

Quote: “I’ve always wanted to be yours ever since we were kids.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Listen to him play piano just for you

Would have eloped with:

  • Ryuzo, because he is always assuming the worst and Rihito plays well off of him

Favorite moments:

  • Rihito with the kindergartners
  • The MC accidentally saying that she’s always loved Rihito
  • The MC shouting at Rihito’s mom and then coaching Rihito
  • The guys worrying about the MC while Rihito is busy with practice and trying to tease Rihito at the same time
  • Rihito has some really great CGs, a great balance of cute ones and cool ones

Worst moments:

  • Rihito exposition dumping about how he change after the MC left
  • I wish the music box thing had been introduced earlier and then wove more into the plot. It was cute, but sort of jammed in on the end
  • I wish the other guys got a bigger part

Worth the price of admission?: Rihito is a pretty contradictory character; he’s confident and cynical but the MC can easily affect him, he’s an obedient son but he’s in his rebellious phase, he leads the MC around but he leans on her support. This sort of juxtaposition is pretty common with the younger guy types in Voltage games, but I enjoy it in Rihito’s case since he isn’t as hard core and devilish as some of the other guys (Ota or Hiro come to mind). He was probably boy most affected by the MC moving away ten years prior to the story (in terms of personality), and I think the moments when you can see the cry baby shining through are super cute, but sometimes seem odd. So overall, Rihito is a good fit if you want someone devilish or like younger guys, but its definitely a mixed bag with him

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Ichigo and Haruki convince the MC to visit Rihito at his school, but when she goes, Rihito seems upset and says that she is just a friend. This epilogue is pretty cute, the conflicts are all small and quickly resolved so a lot seems to happen, but everything still feels resolved. I enjoyed seeing Rihito trying to make his mark on the MC
  • Sequel: A strange man has been wandering the area and the MC is confronted by him on the one day Rihito isn’t walking her home. While Tigito struggles to face a presence from his past, the MC struggles with what she should do with her future. This route really highlights the immature aspects of Rihito’s personality and how the MC is still very much a person who he relies on to pull him forward. I enjoyed the dynamics of the MC and Rihito’s relationship, but I wasn’t particularly amazed by this route
  • 3 Years Later:Three years after they began dating, the MC and Rihito are enjoying attending the same college. But when Rihito participates in a piano competition for his father, it reawakens his yearning to be a professional pianist. And as Rihito’s fame grows, the MC can’t help but feel like she’s holding him back. I always felt that Rihito’s decision to be a teacher was a little strange so his conflict in this route felt very real to me, as did the MC’s struggle to try and support him. I liked this route more for its plot than for any fluffy feelings, but it was a solid route

Notable substories:

  • School Festival Romance (Parts 1 and 2): Takes place during the first season. The MC’s school is having a festival, and when the MC is put in charge of the Mister competition, Rihito is determined to be at her side. I  found this substory to be fun and charming. It is super sweet how upfront Rihito is about his feelings for the MC
  • Summer Camp Love: Takes place during the first season. Ryuzo has the crew signing up to be chaparones for a kid’s summer camp, but it looks like Rihito’s mom won’t let him go. Still, Rihito is determined that the MC will enjoy the camping trip and takes her out to shop for a swimming suit. This substory is not only cute from an MC and Rihito point-of-view, but also on the behalf of Rihito and the other guys
  • Sports Day Kiss: Takes place during the first season. On sports day the MC’s and Rihito’s schools will face off. Rihito doesn’t intend to participate, but one of Rihito’s schoolmates is determined to get him on the soccer team. Since Rihito acts differently depending on who he is around, this was a cute and interesting substory
  • Black Ship Halloween: The guys are throwing a Halloween event at the Black Ship and the MC is helping Rihito with the costumes. For always interfering with their lovey-doveyness, Rihito intends to make Ichigo wear an Alice costume, but Ichigo makes it to the costumes first. We were going to get Rihito crossdress at some point, and this is it (although the clothes are way more maid than Alice in Wonderland). Rihito has always had a complex about his girly features (thanks MC), and this substory plays to that; which I found interesting since this idea isn’t played with too much elsewhere

Recommended routes:


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