Haruki Tanemura

2016-05-30 15.11.11Plot Summary: The MC has always depended on Haruki to watch out for her as a child and even after so long apart it seems like they are just falling back into their old ways. However, while Haruki says the MC hasn’t really changed, she can clearly see how Haruki has become a dependable and popular young man. When the MC’s feelings begins to grow, she can’t help but fret over Haruki’s consideration of her as a “childhood friend”

What I think of him: Haruki is very sweet and dependable, and the son of the town florists. He likes to please those around him and tends to take on too much in his efforts to do so. Because he is so humble even though he is so talented, he is popular both in school and around town. However, no matter how intelligent and athletic he is, Haruki can’t help but be a bit oblivious and really stubborn when he gets something in his head. He prefers to do things on his own and rarely asks others for help unless he is pressed into it. His worst habit is interalizing his problems to the point that he is unable to act because he figures withdrawing is for the best. Haruki is a doting big-brother, maybe due to him being the responsible one when the group were children, and he is a natural womanizer. He can be a fast thinker in certain situations, but mostly he likes to take his time thinking about things before he shares his opinions and decisions

Nickname: Haru

Charm point: His sweet smile

Quote: “I don’t mind people relying on me. And I actually like it when a girl I like relies on me.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Hold hands

Would have eloped with:

  • Ichigo, because of his obvious crush

Favorite moments:

  • The farm field trip
  • The MC yelling at the teachers for being selfish and not thinking about Haruki
  • Taking photobooth stickers and then the others seeing them
  • The MC and Haruki finally getting together

Worst moments:

  • Ichigo could have been less pushy
  • Hate the amnesia subplot. It just didn’t need to happen
  • The MC was worried about the molester so it was stupid of her to go wandering around

Worth the price of admission?: Haruki is a sweetheart, and a nice change of pace since most of Voltage’s men have some sort of edge (if they aren’t full of mean-ness). He’s got sort of a “perfect guy” appeal and not only do you see how hard he works to meet everyone’s expectations and how doing so wears on him, but he’s never full of himself and is always looking to improve. More than his academic and athletic skills, those personality traits make him seem like a perfect guy. As I mentioned before, I enjoy him as a change of pace, but there’s the definitely the danger of Haruki seeming boring to some people. I do recommend Haruki to people who don’t want something that bites, but another warning going forward: most of his conflict involves him overthinking and not communicating, so after a couple of routes it begins to feel like he’s commiting the same mistakes over and over again

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Haruki and the MC are together, but they’ve had very little time to be together since Haruki’s club has gotten super busy. The MC is feeling a little lonely, but as the firework festival approaches, Ryuzo has a plan to cheer her up.
  • Sequel: It is time for career counseling for the second years. Haruki and the others seem to know what they want, but the MC still has no idea of what she wants to do in the future. When it seems their neighborhood might be targeted for urban development, Haruki becomes preoccupied with learning about their situation, and the MC begins to feel a wall form between them that she feels helpless to overcome. This story really focuses on Haruki’s stubbornness. Haruki has a belief that he and the MC should be their own people and make their own decisions, even if they are planning to always be together. Both Haruki and the MC face a similar situation in this route and you can see how differently they handle it, and the MC is definitely the one who grows the most and it is nice to see her move towards confidence at the end
  • 3 Years Later: It has been three years since Haruki and the MC started going out, and the two of them are pursing their interests in college. When the MC’s parents return to Japan for a short visit, the MC is excited to introduce Haruki as her boyfriend, but Haruki seems hesitant to meet her parents and seems to be growing anxious after a new student joins his seminar. I didn’t enjoy the central conflict. Haruki was internalizing too much (which was also part of the Sequel route plot, so it felt too similar), and the MC ends up blaming herself for things that are largely not her fault. However, once the central conflict was over, I found the ending of this route to be pretty cute
  • Living with Him: Haruki is going moving into his own apartment in order to deal with studying for the bar and his new part-time job at a law firm. The MC only really gets to spend time with him on the weekends, and then someone suggests that they try living together temporarily. At first the MC is super happy about living with Haruki, but she soon discovers that they aren’t able to spend as much time together as they imagined. This time around, it is the MC who is the one who struggles to communicate with Haruki, which is a good change of pace. You get to see a lot of Haruki’s cute sides since the MC learns more about how he is at home, but the route really doesn’t go into what the MC is pursing on her own, which was a little disappointing
  • 10 Years Later: The MC is gets a job at city hall and the law firm Haruki works at opens a branch in West Tokyo, bringing the two of them back to their hometown. The MC is deliriously happy to be able to see Haruki so frequently, and while they are on a date Haruki adds to her joy by asking her to marry him. But as the MC settles into her new job she suddenly finds herself on the opposite side of an dispute from Haruki, and she begins to wonder if he has changed too much from the boy she fell in love with. Although Haruki’s got some sexy CGs in this one, I don’t really know how I feel about the route, mostly because I’m not convinced that Haruki would change like he did prior to this route (the prologue for this season also left a bad impression on me, that probably contributed to my impression as well). Still, if you have come this far and love Haruki, this is worth it
  • Wedding: It’s time to start planning the wedding ceremony and Haruki seems to be taking charge, but the MC has more to worry about than Haruki’s stubbornness; her period is overdue. Haruki is making the exact same mistake in this one as he did in the previous route, and to be fair Haruki brings that up. I’m also not a big fan of pregnancy scare plots either, since they usually end up the exact same. So overall the plot of this route. What was great was the ceremony and seeing Haruki all dressed up (with his hair styled). I purchased this route because I had already come this far, but I was still teary-eyed seeing the MC and Haruki fulfill their childhood promise

Notable substories:

  • School Festival Romance (Parts one and two): Takes place during the first season. The MC’s first school festival is coming up, and she and Haruki have been nominated to be on the festival committee. The MC is looking forward to working with Haruki, but Haruki is taking all the responsibility onto himself, and the MC is beginning to feel that she is useless to him. Although it is the same old Haruki problem, it is better in smaller doses, and seeing the couple being teased by their classmates is cute
  • Summer Camp Love: Takes place during the first season. The MC, Haruki, and company are going to help out with a summer camp for kids. As they prepare to go camping, the crew meets Daiki, a boy who likes Haruki’s little sister, Sae, and wants relationship advice. This substory trying to tackle a bit too much in it’s short space and it’s probably the Daiki stuff that could have been cut out as it serves more of a set up to situations rather than having it’s own resolutions. Still, I found this to be really sweet, and it was the first time (chronologically) that I felt that Haruki was not only going to be a doting father (which you see elsewhere), but also a diligent father
  • Sleepless Nights: Takes place during the second season. Johji is going to be gone for the night and the MC will be alone at the Black Ship. The MC is feeling lonely, but keeps it to herself when it seems like Haruki is busy. This substory is short and the CG isn’t much to look at but it, and in  particular Haruki’s route, is my favorite substory for this game. I feel like the conflict is very iconic of this particular couple and I adore the short segment in Haruki’s point-of-view
  • Before the Proposal: Takes place in the third season. A short substory from Haruki’s point-of-view as he commits to asking the MC to marry him. Getting to see from the guy’s PoV is always a treat (especially in games like Dreamy Days in West Tokyo since it doesn’t have a PoV substory for the main routes). Being in Haruki’s PoV is great since you can see how he acts (and gushes about the MC) in his workplace. One small annoying detail is that they changed the the flower, but other than that I really enjoyed this one
  • Today’s he’s Kind of… (And his PoV) These are in Sweet Cafe and takes place during the secon season. After moving out of Haruki’s apartment the MC worries that he’s not taking care of himself and decided to cook him dinner. Haruki seems less than thrilled. Seeing Haruki’s trying not to show how badly he’s freaking out is great and it is even more fun to see it from his PoV
  • Gold Medal Love (parts 1 & 2): Located in Sweet Cafe and taking place in the second season. Haruki’s and the MC are out in their first day in a while and are selected for a couple’s interview. Later the MC comes to visit when Haru is helping out at a traditional Japanese inn. Both of these are very mushy and very sweet.
  • Racing Heartbeat & Be Mine: Located in Sweet Cafe with the characters being college aged. Haruki is a med student and the MC attends the same school as a nursing school student. I found the alternate universe to be interesting and Haruki and the MC are still very much in character

Recommended routes:


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