Yukimura Sanada (Samurai Love Ballad)


Plot Summary: The MC poses as her brother, Yahiko, and ends up as the poison taster for Shingen Takeda. Unfortunately, the magistrate claimed that Yahiko was a good fighter, and Yukimura is excited to see her show her stuff. The MC’s skill fails to materialize and it isn’t long before Yukimura accidentally discovers her secret. Shortly afterwards her secret is out among the troops and when the MC is accused of being a Tokugawa spy, Yukimura comes to her rescue by saying that he intends to marry the MC

What I think of him: Yukimura is straightforward and very much a warrior to the bone. He was raised strictly to die in battle in such a way that would bring glory to the Sanada Clan. Because of this Yukimura thinks almost exclusively of battle and of his immediate and honorable death. Still, Yukimura is extremely loyal to whomever he serves and is kind to his comrades and underlings. When he makes a promise, he does everything he can to keep it. As a result of his attitude towards war and his kindness, he is well liked and respected. Because he has a one track mind Yukimura has very little experience with woman, and he gets easily flustered around them

Nickname: None

Charm point: How he doesn’t know how to deal with women

Quote: “Compared to the thought of losing you… facing death was nothing… losing the soul of a samurai… was nothing to fear at all.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Be together, both blushing

Would have eloped with:

  • Masamune, because he respects Yukimura and lends a hand when needed

Favorite moments:

  • Both times Yukimura said he was going to take responsibility
  • The Sanada brothers helping out at the MC’s family’s restaurant
  • That Yukimura realized that the MC was lying when she said she was in love with someone else
  • The MC refusing to tell Ieyasu anything

Worst moments:

  • How Masayuki brainwashed Yukimura into wanting to die
  • Saizo blaming the MC for making Yukimura think of something besides an honorable death
  • Ieyasu is a dick and he doesn’t deserve the MC being nice to him at the end. She saved his life twice and he repays her by catching her, threatening to kill her, and then shooting down Momofuku? And she says that next time she’s going to cook him something better next time? No, just no

Worth the price of admission?: I really did love this route. Voltage’s other Yukimura Sanada (from Samura Amidst Chaos) has several traits in common with this Yukimura, but they are also very different and I probably love this Yukimura more just because he is so adorable and awkward; although it’s such a close call and I would probably switch sides if I had just finished the other Yukimura’s route. This route plays on what was probably Yukimura’s most famous historical attribute which is his bravery as a warrior. My friend an I have a head-cannon where Yukimura (any incarnation of him) is always trying to die and everyone else is trying to ensure that he lives; this route fulfills half of that head-cannon and the other part is due to Masayuki who is basically everything I don’t like about this route


Recommended routes:


Soji Okita


Plot Summary: Kondo chooses Soji to stay behind and watch the base and the MC. Soji immediately accuses the MC of being a Choshu spy, but the quick return of the others saves the MC from being tortured. It doesn’t take long for Soji to dismiss the MC as too stupid to be a spy. Kyoto is abounding with the new about someone who goes around slaughtering people at night as “divine punishment” and one night the MC witnesses Soji return to the compound covered in blood

What I think of him: Soji is cunning, instinctual, and quite the bully. He is a people person and is very good at interacting with people, but he tends to trust his first impression of others. It is said that he has a knack for identifying spies and traitors and his instincts are right nine times out of ten. He is the best swordsman in the Shinsengumi and has had a knack for it ever since he was a young boy. When he holds a sword it is like he is a different person and he enjoys battle and bloodshed; he tells the MC at one point that it is impossible that he would be injured or defeated. Soji knows well the price of taking a life due to his past, and though he has no ambition of his own, he doesn’t mind walking the path to hell if it will help fulfill the ambition of those he has chosen to follow

Nickname: Sojiro (his childhood name)

Charm point: Like a kindergartner, he can’t resist teasing the girl he likes

Quote: “So, you and I… Let’s not worry about what anyone else thinks. Let’s walk our own path, together.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Get pushed down, he was the original wolf, you know

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • The MC seeing the “hellscape” that is Soji’s room and the ensuing teasing that Soji gets from everyone
  • Everyone bringing the MC thank you offerings
  • Soji terrorizing the soldiers with his training and the second training session
  • The MC telling Soji about her wishes for the future when they are sleeping together
  • The mask scene at the festival
  • Soji teasing the MC about the letter in the Written by Love ending

Worst moments:

  • When the MC first hears about the divine punishments she thinks that it could totally be Soji, but later she has the sudden realization that the divine punishments could be Soji’s doing
  • If Soji’s identity was such a big deal then someone should have explained the situation to the MC before he brought her into town, or he should have not brought her at all. Both Soji and Toshizo acknowledge this, but that just makes it worse

Worth the price of admission?: Disclaimer: I have Soji Okita bias, if someone is sporting that name, I’m fangirling

That being said, this one is a toss up, and it did take a long time for me to get into this route. It might be more the MC that I was taking umbrage with since I found many of her early thoughts and actions questionable or disagreeable; there were several times where I hated all the choices I was given when it was time for me to pick responses. By the end I did come around to her and was all for her and Soji being together. What made me really like Soji though was his point-of-view substory since I’m a sucker for those “I’m gonna go to hell for this but I’d do anything to achieve my ends” sort of characters. However the main route didn’t really win me over on its own merit.

One thing I did find super interesting was at the end when the antagonist asks the MC “what makes Okita different from me”. It would be easy enough for the MC to say something like “he doesn’t kill innocents”, which would be a lie since Soji says himself that the innocent tenth person in his 9/10 successfully spotted spies/traitors statistic is still usually killed and the MC was almost his victim several times. Soji also admits that he doesn’t really subscribe to Kondo’s ideals of justice himself, he’s supporting someone else’s dreams because he doesn’t really have one of his own. There are two interesting responses to the antagonists’s question. The first is “Because I trust Soji”, which is the MC claiming that she trusts that the path Soji is on is the one that will lead to the future she is hoping for, that no matter how drenched in blood that path might be, Soji is killing knowing the weight of his actions in order to bring about that future. The other interesting option is “I don’t know if this path is the right one”, which has all the implications that you can read into it. In essence, the interesting thing to me is that the MC doesn’t excuse Soji, not does she make light of what he does. She knows that there is very little separating Soji’s actions from the antagonist’s, and she also knows that her bias is what makes the world of difference between them. Okay, over analysis done 🙂

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • His PoV: The main route from Soji’s point-of-view. The first chapter was meh, but the rest was really great. There are some scenes about when Soji was a child and even more scenes that let you see hoe Soji sees himself. There are some really great moments that just crush your heart, in a good way since you know everything turns out well
  • Hearts in Training: The MC tries to come to terms with how she loves how happy Soji seems in a group and her desire to have him all to herself. At the same time it seems that Soji is going out every evening to spend the night at a tea house where certain services are preformed. I liked the humor in this, especially with the MC asking the other guys for their opinions and getting confusing answers from them. I would say that this might have been too light on the romance, but the scenes with Soji get really intense so I liked the balance with the humor
  • Love’s Command: The MC accidentally breaks the screen wall between her and Soji’s room. As they are nearly living in the same room, the MC begins to notice that Soji may be keeping a huge secret from her. I liked this story, the MC’s moral standpoint and Soji’s duties were going to have to resolve themselves eventually and this was a very gentle and not completely expected way of doing so

Notable substories:

  • Waton Amusements: The MC makes a mistake and brings the wrath of Hijikata down upon herself. She asks Soji for help and the two of them end up squeezed together in a closet. Being together in such close quarters causes the MC’s heart to race for a completely different reason. This is a cute story in and of itself and when you add in the voice element, I’m all happiness and stupid grins
  • The Warriors’ Full-Body Physical Exam: Kondo has decided that everyone should get a physical and of course the MC is the one who will be conducting them. The MC is determined to remain professional during Soji’s exam, but knows that the slightest wrong move and Soji will assume all control. This is really short but rather enjoyable

Recommended routes:



Plot Summary: As she’s falling off the roof the MC thinks of Scorpio’s demands that she choose him and is immediately rescued by him. Scorpio demands that the MC absolve his sin in return for having saved her and immediately dismisses her as useless when it becomes clear that she has no idea what they are talking about. When he finds out that he can only use his power while touching the MC, Scorpio agrees to let the MC go home as long as she returns at his command. The MC is shocked that the gods she has been praying are not benevolent and don’t even like human all that much, but the more time she spends with Scorpio the more she wants to know about him

What I think of him: Scorpio is the cool and unfriendly Vice Minister of the Department of Punishments who is said to have been expelled from the heavens for using a forbidden power. He is very liberal with his sharp tongue and harsh words and has no love for humanity at all. Scorpio has the power to sense people’s negative emotions when he touches them and this (among other things) has caused him to view humanity only by those negative emotions. He is god who is feared and who views his purpose in living as punishing those who incur heaven’s wrath. Even amongst the gods he is respected (even revered) and feared since his powers are so strong and his purpose so direct

Nickname: Scorpy

Charm point: He loves apple bunnies

Quote: “Don’t say a word. All you have to do is let me make you mine.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Get bullied, but know that there is love behind every harsh word

Would have eloped with:

  • Icthys, because he’s a problem child but also so cheerful

Favorite moments:

  • The MC trying to protect the mother and baby when Scorpio takes her on the punishment mission, and how she completly stuns Scorpio with her actions
  • The MC figuring out how she can get away with sassing Scorpio
  • Apple bunnies scene
  • Scorpio and the MC getting chased through the amusement park by children
  • How even when he’s so in love he still feels very much like himself in the endings

Worst moments:

  • When the MC recognized the crazy militarist guy when he confronts her and Altair in from of the Gods’ house, why doesn’t she say anything
  • When Altair comes to get the MC when Scorpio falls ill the MC asks if Scorpio is sneaking out again to look at human inventions. I don’t think it ever gets mentioned again but I find it cute and hillarious so I wish there was more of this
  • If Zyglavis is not going to support your relationship why did he let the MC know about Scorpio’s feelings in the Forbidden Ending

Worth the price of admission?: I don’t know why but even though I usually complain that I want to see the softer side of the hateful characters sooner, I don’t have that complain about Scorpio. Maybe it’s because he’s a god and I don’t expect him to act by human standards or more likely it’s because that by the time you get to his backstory and power I figured that Scorpio has more reason than anybody to hate all of humanity. Even more likely is that once the MC finds out how to deal with Scorpio’s brand of meanness and sees how cute his weak-spots are, she really gets the upper hand in their relationship and does as much of the pushing as Scorpio does. If you can tough out the beginning (and it isn’t even that hard to do) and can stand being called stupid all day long, Scorpio’s route is a good one

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Ending Set Special Story: Just as she’s getting off work, Icthys, Dui, and Teorus show up at the planetarium claiming that Scorpio is in a foul mood and is demanding her presence. This gets a little sexy although the MC comes off as a bit of a ditz. I felt that it was a good bonus for paying for the ending set
  • Epilogue: Scorpio receives permission to do his duties while moving between the heavens and Earth. However it seems like being with the MC is causing his work to suffer, and after being reprimanded Scorpio withdraws from the MC. Seeing how down the MC is, the other gods decide to take the MC to the beach. Not only do you see all the guys (less Scorpio) in bathing suits, but Scorpio finally gives up the goods on his feeling for the MC. All it all ties up with a shared bath
  • Sequel: The MC accidentally ends up back in the heavens and after getting caught by the King of Heaven and overhearing the King ordering Scorpio to assassinate  a fallen god, the King put a Mark of Sin on the MC, one that makes it impossible for her to touch Scorpio. Once things get rolling this one is pretty bittersweet for the most part (and it constantly reminds you that this is the mood it’s going for). The situation leads up to a lot of great scenes (te kiss through the glass is probably my favorite) and I enjoyed both endings very much
  • Sequel Ending Set Special Story: The MC is accidentally transformed into Vega and gets to hear what all the gods really think about her. It is just as funny as it sounds, and best of all it ends with an embarrassed Scorpio

Notable substories:

  • His PoV: The main route from Scorpio’s PoV. It was interesting to see how early on he was regreting being so harsh towards the MC, but overall this felt very meh as far as PoV stories go. There was also no interaction with the other guys (besides the conversation when the MC leaves the gods’ house for the first time and one more conversation with Icthys) and there is a weird part towards the end where Scorpio “purifies the entire world” and I basically had a question mark hovering over my head

Recommended routes:

Eiki Yachigusa


Plot Summary: The MC is assigned to work on the bombing case with Eiki, and is surprised to learn that the trainee from the NYPD is actually famous for his deductive skills. As it is revealed that the bombing case turns out to be related to a case of art thievery, the MC begins to notice that the face Eiki shows to the world is merely a mask. She wants to learn the trust behind Eiki’s ever present smile, but she also realizes that she can’t afford to start a relationship with a man who will soon be leaving the country

What I think of him: Eiki is cheerful and easygoing. He is one of the mood makers of the 2nd Unit, and acts like the group’s younger brother. He is also very detached and doesn’t get invested in anything that doesn’t directly involve him. Eiki is very good at reading the situation and acting in a way that gives others a good opinion of him. As you may have guessed, Eiki is a very good actor and liar, to the point where he says that not even he knows his real self. Eiki has always tried to please those around him and he views his behavior as just his own way of getting around in the world. Eiki is a keen observer and excels at putting together small pieces of information; he call this “instinct”, but it is actually advanced deduction. Eiki is a bit of a Japanophile and also really loves jeans (to the point that he ruined a washer by stone-washing his own jeans)

Nickname: The Good Boy 

Charm point: His good nature

Quote: “FInally. For the first time in my 22 years of life, I’ve found something worth risking everything for…You turned my world upside down. Take responsibility.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, because even if you know you shouldn’t, you can’t resist

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • The MC eating her feelings off
  • The MC’s confrontation with the security guard that she thought was an intruder
  • I hate Eiki’s “Don’t worry, I won’t fall in love with you” speech on the plane, but I love the part just after that when he’s telling it to himself and stoking the MC’s cheek when he thinks she’s asleep
  • The guys trying to spy on the MC and Eiki on the rooftop even though their relationship wasn’t remotely romantic
  • Eiki loosing his cool after the MC’s “shoot me” stunt (which was also the most noteworthy and awesome thing that she did in this route)

Worst moments:

  • I hate, hate, hate that none of the corrupt politicians get their just desserts and that it feels like the MC and Eiki will be punished because of a corrupt system
  • Doing both the art thief investigation, the question about the morality of arresting someone who you think is doing the right thing, and the debate over falling in love with someone who will leave soon is a bit too much for one route

Worth the price of admission?: I find the plot of Eiki’s route incredibly frustrating since it doesn’t feel like anyone really wins in terms of the case, but I did like Eiki as a character. His relationship with the MC is sweet and it’s sort of heartbreaking watching them struggle so hard to keep their emotions distant even though they are falling in love. The route could use some tweaking in terms of the MC and Eiki’s work relationship. In Tennoji’s route, he and the MC have an awesome partnership since they have similarities (like their preference for being on the front line), but they also cover for each other (like how the MC is more detail oriented and can hold her cool a little bit more); in Eiki’s route, the MC is also very observant but Eiki is even more so and he is also better at putting together the pieces. The only area where the MC might have an edge over Eiki is physically (although that isn’t absolute) and nothing in the investigation really highlighted her physical capabilities (beyond her beating the security guard). However I can’t ding too many points on this account because the MC in this route is still more capable than she is in other routes and while the partnership isn’t amazing, it’s still pretty good

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: A few days after being taken off the art thief case and Eiki is set to leave in a week. The MC wants to be selfish and ask him to stay, or at least have Eiki be selfish and ask her to go with him, but she tries to hold it all in and spend as much time with Eiki in order to store up good memories of their short time together. This was a much better investigation of the problem of entering a relationship that you know will become super long distance than the main route. I did hate the inclusion of the runaway princess plot though, because Eiki and the MC turned it into such a downer (why does Eiki need all the plots with sad resolutions?)
  • Sequel: Eiki returns from a couple weeks in New York to tie up his loose ends there, but he isn’t given any time to rest as he and the MC are immediately on the case of a little girl who has been kidnapped. The case already has Eiki frustrated because of it’s similarities to a tragic ending case in his past, and the psychic who offers to help with their case and keeps spouting off about destiny isn’t helping his composure. I thought that the mental link that Eiki has between his present case and his past case was interesting, but the route doesn’t really do anything with this connection besides having it exist; other than this the case wasn’t particularly interesting at all. I liked how Eiki was beginning to change in a way that even the other guys were starting to notice, and the scene where he kisses the MC in front of them in the Happy Ending is my favorite Eiki scene. The timeline for this is a little confusing since the whole going to New York to tie up loose ends implies to me that it isn’t too long after the main route and epilogue, but the MC and Eiki mention a bunch of things that have happened since they’ve been together which must have taken place in substories which implies that some time has passed

Notable substories:

  • 2nd Unit Breaks the Code: While making an arrest Eiki’s vest gets ripped, and immediately after Eiki and the MC meet a distressed fashion student. This is a very entertaining substory. The guys explain the image where they are all posing in the PV and the MC undertakes a secret mission

Recommended routes:

Mitsuhide Akechi (Love Legend of Sengoku)


Plot Summary: The MC is excited to receive a visit from Mitsuhide, who has always been kind to her and treated her like a younger brother. However, after a horseriding accident, Mitsuhide discovers that the MC is a girl, and the MC comes to realize that what she feels for Mitsuhide may not be brotherly affection at all

What I think of him: Mitsuhide is gentle but stiff. He’s an intellectual and a bit of a pacifist. He would prefer preforming tea ceremonies and studying to battles and laments the times being what they are since he is forced to be on the battlefield instead of following his pleasures. He is very loyal to Nobunaga and hopes for Nobunaga’s conquest to bring about peace, but he also acknowledges that Nobunaga has some brutal tendencies. Having spend a lot of time with the MC when she was younger, he views Takechiyo as his younger brother and he cherishes their past together

Nickname: None

Charm point: How much he cherishes the time he spent with the MC

Quote: “Will you… give your everything to me?”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Talk together, about the past, present, and future

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • Mitsuhide’s genuine affection when he thought the MC was a boy
  • Staying at Mitsuhide’s place to be entertained
  • The MC telling Mitsuhide that instead of taking some troops and running away that she is going to use them to launch an attack

Worst moments:

  • The MC becoming weak willed as soon as she realizes that she’s in love and wears girl’s clothes
  • Hanzo didn’t deserve to be forgiven. First off, the MC almost got raped by someone she was already terrified of and he used it to his advantage and continued with his plan. Secondly, Mitsuhide says that Nobunaga is his best and childhood friend, and Mitsuhide didn’t even consider betraying him when Hanzo suggested that was the only way to free the MC; even if Mitsuhide knew that Nobunaga had to die for there to be a chance at peace, there is no way he would have forgiven Hanzo

Worth the price of admission?: I don’t really have much to say about this route. It’s pretty weird how the MC is suddenly feminized when she apparently didn’t have any inclination to be girly before the route started. Overall I didn’t find much offensive about this route (beyond Yoshimoto), but I didn’t find much to rave about either. But still, this is a free game and it is much easier to play than other free-to-play games since it doesn’t have a point system or wardrobe requirements


Recommended routes: