Hanzo Hattori (Sakura Amidst Chaos)


Plot Summary: The MC works for Ieyasu, and as her first winter in the Shogun’s service approaches, she begins to take more notice of the one of Ieyasu’s loyal vassals, a tall man who wears blue named Hanzo. Then one day after visiting a temple, Ieyasu asks the MC to take Hanzo as her guard and leave Edo on an important, long-term mission. The MC worries that she won’t be able to get along with Hanzo since he is so unapproachable, but as she experiences his quiet kindness, she begins to get attached to the skilled ninja

What I think of him: Hanzo is calm, capable, and businesslike. He carries out his duties to the letter as swiftly as possible and always seriously. He is very loyal to Ieyasu and would do anything Ieyasu ordered, although sometimes Ieyasu’s protection outranks his desires in Hanzo’s mind. Hanzo is a very skilled ninja, some even consider him too skilled. He tends to keep his emotions to himself, even going so far to believe that he doesn’t deserve to have feelings since he is a ninja. Hanzo does have a quiet kindness, but frequently a person needs to be blunt about their needs to have him address them. He is very aware of his position as a ninja and that he might very well be killed at any given moment and so he lives without forming many attachments

Nickname: None

Charm point: A rare smile

Quote: “I want you to trust me with your life. In return, I’ll trust you with my heart… if you die, my heart dies with you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Just let him take care of you

Would have eloped with: No one, because Goemon isn’t an option

Favorite moments:

  • All the ninja gathering
  • Hanzo being affected by one of the MC’s near-death experience and the MC telling him to stay alive and remain by her side
  • Hanzo letting the MC sleep on his lap
  • Hanzo warming the MC after escaping from the water trap
  • The first kiss

Worst moments:

  • It’s short. I feel like I know Hanzo far less than any of the other guys
  • Since it seems like the MC has been working for Ieyasu for a while, I don’t know why she doesn’t know who Hanzo is, and since she doesn’t know who he is, why is Ieyasu sending them off on a long term mission together?

Worth the price of admission?: Hanzo was someone who I was excited to play since I saw him in one of the other routes (although I was worried when he threatened to whip the MC in one of Saizo’s routes). I enjoyed Hanzo’s route, since I thought the first part about Iga was interesting and the second part with the impostor was full of action (and provided the only instance of a certain character finding even a little redemption). I was perhaps a little disappointed since I don’t think the route was long enough to get to know Hanzo well, especially considering how thick his walls are. Somethings that I’m glad was different from most of the other routes in this game is that Hanzo doesn’t resolve to quit his work to become a farmer. I don’t think I can imagine Hanzo not being a ninja and I’m sort of glad that the MC just has to accept it, even though I don’t think Ieyasu will be giving Hanzo much more in the way of dangerous work. Overall, a good read for ninja lovers but a pretty meh route all-in-all

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): None

Notable substories: None

Recommended routes:


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