Ieyasu Tokugawa


Plot Summary: Ieyasu’s letter requests that the MC come to work for at Nobunaga’s castle. Doing so gives her the chance to get to know the kind Ieyasu, even though he lives in his own castle. Nobunaga notes that Ieyasu has because a little more reliable since the MC’s arrival and he sends her off to work for him, charging her with the duty of turning Ieyasu into a “strong, reliable man”

What I think of him: Ieyasu is kind, earnest, and humble. He grew up as a hostage which caused him to become very sensitive to others’ feelings. Because he wants everyone else to be happy, he finds it hard to make choices and state his own opinions. Ieyasu is devoted to Nobunaga since the latter saved him, and Ieyasu studied hard in order to be of use to Nobunaga. Although many people, including Nobunaga and Hideyoshi, say that Ieyasu is a talented commander, but Ieyasu sees himself as useless on the battlefield. Still his kindness has saved many a person and gained him many loyal followers

Nickname: Takechiyo, Yasu

Charm point: His kind and gentle smile

Quote: “If we both come back alive, will you marry me?”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Tackle him

Would have eloped with:

  • Masamune Date, because even though he was present briefly, he made a bug impact

Favorite moments:

  • Hideyoshi and Nobunaga teasing the MC about Ieyasu, and Hideyoshi teasing Nobunaga
  • The relationship between Ieyasu, Nobunaga, and Hideyoshi is great and touching at times
  • The MC’s “what is a strong man” pep talk
  • Hiding in Ieyasu’s futon
  • Love letters
  • Ieyasu showing his stuff at Sekigahara
  • The “And Then” chapter is super cute

Worst moments:

  • How easily the servants in the castle change moods to suit Ieyasu’s mood
  • Ieyasu just letting things go and wasting away after Honnoji
  • At times the relationship between the MC and Ieyasu felt more like a mother and child than like lovers

Worth the price of admission?: While Nobunaga might be the poster boy for Sakura Amidst Chaos, Ieyasu floats through almost all the routes being really kind and awesome. With the exception of Shingen’s route, the Ieyasu in this route seems to be the youngest and doesn’t have the confidence of the the Ieyasus of the other routes. Like with Mitsunari’s route, the guy is the character who does the most growing throughout the route, which is fine and well, except for the MC feeling more like his mother than his love interest at times. If you can overlook those parts and like playing the younger man routes (I don’t think he actually is younger, but he definitely feels it), this is a great route for you

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Love Blooms: Ieyasu has assumed control over the government and has moved with the MC to Edo Castle. Things seem to be going well when, after a stormy night, Ieyasu receives word that a mysterious foreign ship has washed ashore, crew missing. Ieyasu, the MC, and Hanzo set out to investigate, but what they discover may very well mean the end of their peaceful days. This is really Ieyasu’s story, the MC pretty much just follows him around and gives him energy; and he sure does shine. Ieyasu’s good points – those being his people skills – really come out to great effect this time around. This is a pretty good route, although it does feel like there is less romance (perhaps because this is the only route where the MC is publicly acknowledged and refereed to as her man’s wife before the end of the final route)
  • In Full Blossom: Peace has returned to Japan, but one night an assassin sneaks into Ieyasu and the MC’s room. The near disaster causes Hanzo to suggest a drastic measure in order to insure Ieyasu’s safety as he takes his next big step towards realizing his dream for Japan. This route is… odd. In the first couple of chapters, the MC spends most of her time with a man who is not Ieyasu. There are some really good parts, but this is definitely an odd one

Notable substories:

  • Pillow Book: As Ieyasu and the MC are down after Sekigahara, she helps him clean out his room and discovers four letters from important points in their association. This substory covers Ieyasu’s point-of-view for almost the entirety of the main route. The most interesting parts to read were Ieyasu’s thoughts during his engagement and also what happened to him right after Sekigahara, and the cutest parts are the wedding ceremonies of course. Another aspect I enjoyed was seeing Hanzo, since the MC doesn’t mention him in the main route, but apparently he was there the whole time. So, automatic props for the point-of-view and double props for filling in holes left in the main route

Recommended routes:


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