Mitsunari Ishida


Plot Summary: When Nobunaga announces that he is retiring and leaving things to Hideyoshi, Hideyoshi brings the MC to the castle in order to cooks a farewell feast. The MC quickly becomes attached to the quiet but kind Mitsunari, who is largely ostracized within the Toyotomi Clan even though he is one of Hideyoshi’s most trusted vassals. After the feast, the MC continues to stay on in order to help Mitsunari. However, despite the pair’s best efforts, it may prove impossible to keep the Toyotomi Clan from war

What I think of him: Mitsunari is kind, gentle, and a little meek. He tends to be keep to himself and has an air of loneliness and fragility about him. He manages the fiances of the Toyotomi Clan and tries to keep expenditure down for the sake of the people who are taxes, but the warriors of the clan do not appreciate his efforts. He is the son of a common fisherman, but after rising in rank, he devotes most of his time to studying and learning; Hideyoshi calls him the smartest man of the (then) Oda Army, aside from Mitsuhide. Mitsunari is talented with his hands and is able to fix things quickly, but he is not a very skilled warrior and he is bad at holding his liqour. He always seeks to talk things out in order to avoid war, but is often disregarded

Nickname: None

Charm point: His appreciation of the MC’s support

Quote: “I wanted to say one loving thing to you, yet I can’t articulate it.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Be together, drinking tea and blushing awkwardly

Would have eloped with:

  • Kanetsugu, because he’s such a great friend and he clearly ships Mitsunari and the MC

Favorite moments:

  • Mitsunari and Kanetsugu’s friendship
  • Hotsprings incident
  • Mitsunari telling the MC how important she is to him when she feels like she isn’t of any help to him
  • How vital the MC’s support is to Mitsunari
  • Mitsunari’s development in terms of inner strength

Worst moments:

  • Kiyomasa and the rest of the clan being a jerk
  • What was Hideyoshi thinking?
  • What were the pro-war faction even hoping to accomplish at Sekigahara?
  • Short

Worth the price of admission?: Mitsunari is a nice change of pace from most of the confident and brash guys in this game. And it’s not just that his personality is quieter; he is a meeker person and it is nice to be able to see him become more sure of himself, in part thanks to the MC remaining at his side. His relationship with the MC, for all that it sparks quickly, is very pure and full of blushes. It is a very sweet route, and I personally enjoyed it, but it might bother you if you prefer more aggressive guys

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): None

Notable substories: None

Recommended routes:


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