Nobunaga Oda


Plot Summary: Nobunaga’s letter demands the MC’s presence, but the MC, feeling the difference between their stations, decides not to respond in word or deed to the note, figuring that she won’t ever have to see Nobunaga again. But they do happen to encounter each other several times before Nobunaga finally invites the MC to work in his castle. When she arrives in the castle, the MC is surprised that almost everyone there considers Nobunaga to be a fool. The MC can sense that there is greatness within Nobunaga, but no matter what the feelings blossoming within her might be, she can’t help but sense the wide gap between them

What I think of him: Nobunaga is brash and arrogant. He is stubborn, set in his ways, and can be very high handed. He’s confident that he can achieve anything that he sets his mind to. He also tends to focus on the big picture while leaving the smaller details to others. Nobunaga has been a lord ever since he was two so he never had a real childhood, meaning that he can be childish at times even now. Hideyoshi tells the MC that just like they will never know the burden Nobunaga carries from his position, Nobunaga will never fully understand their experiences as lower class people in the world of the upper crust. While that is true to some extent, Nobunaga has always looked towards changing the old and corrupted systems of the past in order to build a united, peaceful land

Nickname: The Fool of Owari

Charm point: There is only one person he can be himself with

Quote: “More than anything… I just want to be with you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Meet at night, in the garden

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • How childish Nobunaga can act when he’s alone with the MC
  • Hideyoshi’s peptalk
  • Waking up together in the mountain hut
  • The reunion scene (both with the MC and also with the vassals) in the Happy Ending
  • Ranmaru is adorable

Worst moments:

  • I hate fiances and catty co-works. I understand why they have to include the fiance, since Nobunaga’s wife was pretty infamous, but still….
  • The MC is pretty weak willed and easily influenced by what other people tell her, which causes her to generally do something she doesn’t mean
  • Mitsuhide just suddenly appears is immediately in love with the MC, causes some havok, and then disappears mid sword-swing (pretty much)

Worth the price of admission?: Nobunaga was the poster boy for the game, and his route has some of the most high drama otoge cliches packed in. The cliches used happen to be some of my least favorites which added to the MC’s wishy-washiness, killed some of my enjoyment. However there is just something captivating about this incarnation of Nobunaga and his vassals. He isn’t really a charismatic character in the game, but he was charismatic for me as a player reading the route. So again, not my favorite route of the game, but I don’t regret spending my money on Nobunaga

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Love Blooms: Nobunaga decides to keep it a secret that he survived and hands over the unification efforts to Ieyasu and Hideyoshi. Then he and the MC take off on a long journey. However, even as Nobunaga is adjusting to having very little funds, the boat he and the MC are on beings to sink, threatening to separate them forever. I think they maybe tries to do too much in this one, considering the length. I though the idea of Nobunaga learning that being a peasant is hard was interesting, and the suffering the MC went through when Nobunaga was missing and afterwards was also great (it felt like Kiyomasa or Hanzo was going to steel her away though). But together both plots, though full of interesting points, were a bit much together (though I hate to see an amnesia plot stretch out)
  • In Full Blossom: Nobunaga and the MC are living peacefully and secretly in Kiyosu Castle when they overhear that Hideyoshi is planning to accept an arranged marriage, despite the fact that it seems like he is in love with someone else. This was great; I especially like that Nobunaga and the MC get to help someone who helped them to be together

Notable substories:

  • Pillow Book: As Nobunaga and the MC are returning to Owari after their honeymoon, the MC convinces Nobunaga to tell her what he was think about during several points in his life. This one is fairly linear and comes almost all of the main route, and there are some great scenes showing how incompatible Nobunaga was with how his father ran things. Since Nobunaga’s actions and thoughts frequently mismatch, seeing things from his point of view was especially informative, and there was just a lot more scenes involving Mitsuhide and Toshiie

Recommended routes:


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