Shingen Takeda


Plot Summary: The MC is abducted on her way home one night. She overhears that she and the other captives are being sold to Yoshimoto Imagawa. The captives make a break for it and the MC manages to get away as well, and she is rescued by Shingen Takeda. Shingen is friendly and cheerful, but the MC heard that he is an ally of Yoshimoto so she keeps her mouth shut as she wonders if she can trust his kindness

What I think of him: Shingen is brash and cunning. He talks loudly and does as he pleases, but his actions are usually part of some scheme or another that he has cooked up. He is an expert at manipulating others to his plans and he doesn’t mind a little underhandedness to get his way. He truly excels at sucking others into his pace. He is a man who loves his people and is also loved by his people. He’s passionate and compassionate, but people outside of his clan view him as a loud idiot. Shingen doesn’t bother to correct their impression or explain himself, instead he uses their misunderstandings to his advantage instead

Nickname: Tiger of Kai

Charm point: His forceful personality

Quote: “My nights are dark without you by my side.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Get dragged along on some expedition or another

Would have eloped with:

  • Yukimura, because he gets managed a lot this time around

Favorite moments:

  • The whole time the MC is keeping quiet because she doesn’t trust Shingen and how kind he is to her anyways
  • Pretending to be lovers in Yoshimoto’s castle
  • Shingen conning Yukimura into working for him, and viewing Yukimura as a toy
  • How the MC eventually becoming resigned to Shingen pulling her into his schemes
  • How obvious Shingen is about treasuring the MC

Worst moments:

  • It’s short
  • Kenshin keeping the MC cooped up because he thinks she has been deceived by Shingen

Worth the price of admission?: I was happy to find that Shingen is exactly as I expected from his appearance in Kenshin’s routes, and his route is more fun and energetic. I was sort of sad that his route is short, but I don’t actually know if I would have liked it to be longer since the longer main routes in this game seem to just drag on with battles. This route starts from a different point since it pretends the prologue doesn’t exist and takes place before it would have (because Ieyasu doesn’t use his adult name yet and is with Yoshimoto, and the MC hasn’t met Yukimura before). The MC is particular great this time around since she is so wary of Shingen at first, but by the end just smiles and lets him has his way with things. I definitely recommend this route if this game appeals to you, especially if you can get it on sale

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS): None

Notable substories: None

Recommended routes:


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