Kenshin Uesugi


Plot Summary: Before she can even read his letter, Kenshin appears on the MC’s doorstep and he’s determined to convince her to come with him to his castle. The MC is reluctant to leave her mother, but her mother and Kenshin convince her to go. Kenshin sets the MC up in a mansion outside of the castle and appoints Umekazu as her protector. The town is a flutter with the gossip of Kenshin bringing back a woman from Owari, and while Kenshin is off battling, a woman comes to the MC’s home claiming to be Kenshin’s future wife

What I think of him: Kenshin is an appreciator of of beautiful things and is a kind man who always tries to care for others. He is very confident in himself and can appear very frivilous, but he is actually a great strategist. Because of his gentlemanly nature and his good looks, he is very popular with women. One of his greatest ambitions is to have a family, and he wants to be like a father to all of his people. He has no love for war but wants to live a life seeking righteousness

Nickname: God of War, Bishamonten, Dragon of Echigo

Charm point: His desperation to keep the MC within reach

Quote: “If I could… I’d like to stop time, and stay here with you like this forever…”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Sneak away to watch the moon together

Would have eloped with:

  • Shingen, because he is sort of an idiot

Favorite moments:

  • All the time spent at the mansion
  • Hanging out with Lady Ise in the castle. Despite her being so mean in Masamine’s route, she’s actually pretty cool this time around
  • Kenshin and Shingen fighting by calling each other names and pretty much everything with both of these two present
  • Letter writing, especially the MC’s list of wants from Kenshin

Worst moments:

  • That brief moment of the servants getting suspcious of the MC and Kanetsugu. It was so short and doesn’t really come up again so it was pointless to include
  • I wish Kenshin would talk to the MC about important things more (like him leaving for war or about how he wants to marry her)

Worth the price of admission?: Keshin really comes off more more frivolous and conceited in the first chapter than he does in the rest of his story. Even if you can manage to overlook his poor opening, Kenshin’s route feels more sedate than other routes in this game. One reason for this is that Kenshin begins romancing the MC from nearly the start and he has a much more traditional view of a woman’s role, so he doesn’t spend his time teaching the MC anything (Yukimura teaches her self defense and Masamune teaches her noble lady skills). Additionally Kenshin tends to not share anything about the war with the MC. All in all, Kenshin is sweet in his own way, but there are others I would prefer to pursue

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Love Blooms: Feeling like she really doesn’t deserve to be by Kenshin’s side, the MC returns to her mother in Owari. But one day Kanetsugu arrives, begging the MC to return since Kenshin has been fasting ever since the crop in his lands failed and is growing weak. After he recovers, Kenshin resolves to find a method of agriculture that will better sustain his people, and as the only person close to him that knows a lot about farming, the MC is invited along for the journey. I feel like the beginning of this route was ill conceived. At the end of the main route, Kenshin and the MC get together and Kenshin announces to his clansmen that he wants to marry the MC. But by the beginning of this the MC has run home and no one seems to be coming after her until they need to stop Kenshin from harming himself. After going back, the MC forgets about returning to Owari until she is reminded and while that becomes a point for a couple of scenes, it is never brought back up again. That aside, the good point about this route is that the MC gets to use her farming knowledge and even spends time teaching Kenshin
  • In Full Blossom: Having left most of the governance in Kanetsugu’s hands, Kenshin and the MC are living a peaceful life in a farming village. However the clan is clamoring for Kenshin to name an heir. Kenshin decides to have the clan vote for who will be his heir, but even though there was a clear winner, civil war seems to to be coming. Even though it feels a little irresponsible for Kenshin to have ditched his duties, Kenshin does makes a good looking farmhand. I like how determined Kenshin is to stick to his ideals this time around, and although that seems like a big change from the previous route and it is short, this is my favorite of the Kenshin routes

Notable substories:

  • Pillow Book: After they marry, the MC asks Kenshin to share some of his memories for various points in his life. Of course it is great to see from the guy’s point of view, although exactly where the prologue of this sits is questionable (because it should be right after the main route, but Kenshin and the MC don’t marry until the “In Full Blossom” route. My favorite section is Kenshin earning Kanetsugu’s loyalty and also the Shingen and Kenshin stories (although a lot of the Shingen and Kenshin parts are the same as in the route). And the Kyoto visit route was great too

Recommended routes:


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