Masamune Date


Plot Summary: The MC reads Masamune’s letter, which requests her assistance. It turns out that Masamune needs help selecting a present for Hideyoshi, who is holding a banquet. In thanks for her assistance, Masamune invites the MC to the banquet. The MC isn’t used to elaborate affairs and soon becomes the subject of petty comments. This results in the suggestion of a contest to find the best woman in Japan, and the MC and her mother are kicked out of their relative’s home, the MC can’t help but beg for Masamune’s assistance in order to compete for the prize, a favor from Nobunaga himself.

What I think of him: Masamune is refined and commanding. Although he has excellent manners, he doesn’t really view himself as being above others. He is full capable of calmly cutting down another person with just his words. Perhaps as a side effect of his status he doesn’t really understand what the common people have to go through. He is very well learned, perhaps a result of being a sickly child, and is especially interested in foreign lands.While his intellect makes him a talented commander, Masamune has no real interest in war and has no ambition to become Shogun. He is determined to protect his people and to helping to bring about the end of all the warring

Nickname: One-Eyed Dragon

Charm point: He’s never afraid to show affection, even in public

Quote: “This might be the last night I spend with you… I’m not afraid. However… Thank you for everything. For being by my side…”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Snuggle while reading books together

Would have eloped with:

  • Kojuro, because he’s always supporting Masamune so diligently

Favorite moments:

  • Masamune unintentionally callying the MC his woman
  • The time the MC spends training and how she pulls through in the competitions
  • The MC and Masamune saying that they want horses with each other’s personalities
  • Masamune and the MC running off (especially how he is surprised by his own rashness), and Nobunaga’s one line letter to Masamune
  • Masamune and the MC being constantly lovey-dovey

Worst moments:

  • I can take some altered history, but Nobunaga’s excuses to exit the stage is stupid
  • Why doesn’t Nobunaga step in if war is illegal
  • Hate Masamune’s last effort to protect the MC in the final chapter. It’s doesn’t make must sense (in light of Masamune’s quick turn around after months of agonizing), and it is clearly just an attempt to inject some drama after things have calmed down

Worth the price of admission?: The beauty competition is a fairly ridiculous, but it does serve as a great way for the MC and Masamune to get to know each other. Plus the time together was really great since once the battles start Masamune and the MC spend a lot of time separated. Once Masamune admits his feelings he becomes really sweet, and it’s cute to watch him and the MC since neither of them hold back. Masamune might look cool, but this route won’t appeal so much to fans of those types, but rather to those who enjoy a sweeter romance with a guy who will both shelter and teach the MC

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Love Blooms: Masamune and the MC are headed to Rome, but things seem to be going wrong from the start. Not only does Ieyasu ask them to take along Ujisato, but something seems to be wrong with Masamune’s remaining good eye. Masamune has been asked to speak with the Pope in order to ensure other countries don’t attack Japan, but someone is tempting to foil his mission of peace. This takes place immediately after the final chapter of the main route and before the “and then” chapter. Some of the backgrounds are strange, like the pagan temple for the church and a castle staircase for the confessional. This route is most about Masamune achieving his original dream and working towards a new one, and about the MC struggling to come to terms with her feelings of being unworthy of Masamune. It’s fine as a follow up, but I wasn’t particularly captivated or amazed by this route
  • In Full Blossom: Masamune have settled into their new home in Sendai, but when the rainy season comes their old home is devastated by floods. Additionally Kojuro has begins to act strangely. This is mostly about the relationship between Masamune and Kojuro. It’s interesting, if a bit dramatic, and I feel really shows Masamune’s development over the series

Notable substories:

  • Pillow Book: Masamune shares what he was thinking during four points in his life with the MC while they are returning home from abroad. Highlights include a young Masamune meeting Kojuro, the build up to Masamune’s reckless bold escape with the MC, and the couple’s honeymoon trip. This was a nice PoV set for Masamune fans and includes some great CGs, but because of the timeline I would suggest you read it after the Love Blooms route

Recommended routes:


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