Yukimura Sanada


Plot Summary: The MC decides to read Yukimura’s letter first and finds a suspicious request to meet with Yukimura at a river bank. Yukimura’s ninja, Sasuke, says that the letter is forgery, but the two of them go to the set meeting place in order to discover who is up to no good.

What I think of him: Yukimura is a man who keeps his thoughts to himself and therefore frequently appears to be unfriendly; an impression that is not helped by his blunt, often rude way of speak. Underneath his rough exterior, Yukimura is actually a very compassionate man. He cannot leave someone along when they need help, this sympathetic nature and his strength makes him popular and has gained him the devotion of Saizo and Sasuke. Yukimura is well known for being brave and also very strong, but he can also be brash and very stubborn. He spends a lot of his time training and frequently ends up giving out self dense lessons everywhere he ends up staying. Yukimura is a free spirit and hates the idea of being tied down to any location or position and begins feeling restless if he remains in one place too long

Nickname: None

Charm point: He blushes super easily

Quote: “Don’t worry. I would never die and leave you all alone…”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Cuddle together under some sheets on a cold night

Would have eloped with:

  • Ieyasu, because he’s so sweet and his friendship with Yukimura is nice
  • Saizo, “My mission is to protect you. Even if this body is destroyed, I won’t have any regrets.That’s just how important and irreplaceable you are to us.”

Favorite moments:

  • All of Yukimura’s moments of being unexpectedly sweet
  • Yukimura getting jealous of Naoe’s brief conversation with the MC
  • Yukimura’s frequent and heartfelt attempts to send the MC away
  • Sasuke and Saizo following along when Yukimura and the MC are fleeing Ueda Castle
  • The MC waking up and finding Yukimura under her covers with her

Worst moments: 

  • I wish the conflict between Yukimura and his father had a little more time
  • The MC could have been more involved. This felt like it was Yukimura’s story with the MC just telling him that she was going to stick with him a bunch of times

Worth the price of admission?: Yukimura’s route is great as when looking at his character since he subtly changes as the route goes on. I also enjoy the similarities and contrasts with other versions of Yukimura, since he is one of the most used historical figures when Japanese history is a reference. The MC is not super helpful throughout the route, but she does quickly pick up the self defense moves that Yukimura teaches her and uses them to good affect. Overall, I thought this was a good story with a male character that will appeal to lots of people. However, though the leads clearly began having romantic feelings fairly early on, the romance didn’t kick in until the middle/end of the route

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Love Blooms: Yukimura, the MC, and company have been living a peaceful life in Iga until Hanzo returns with an unexpected guest. Hanzo tells Yukimura that an army is approaching Iga in search of the remnants of the Western Army, and that he needs to flee. When Yukimura hears rumor of a lord tyrannizing his people, he can’t help but interfere, even though this might end his peaceful days and bring him into conflict with Ieyasu once again
  • In Full Blossom: Yukimura, the MC, and company have moved on again and are living a modest life in conjunction to a small local dojo. When a dojo challenger arrives in town, seeking out Yukimura, it seems like their little band is about to get even nosier

Notable substories:

  • Pillow Book: While Yukimura and the MC are hiding out in Iga, the two of them talk about how his past. This substory has four stories from Yukimura’s point-of-view: a story of how he set off on his own and met Sasuke, Saizo, and the MC, a story about Yukimura realizing that he has feelings for the MC, some scenes from the siege of Osaka, and his take on his and the MC’s wedding.  Seeing things from Yukimura’s point-of-view is great, and it is nice seeing how the MC has affected him since the change is more subtle when you’re in the MC. Also, you get to see a sprite of a ten year-old Yukimura, and there is a more satisfying resolution with his father

Recommended routes:


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