Plot Summary: Fuka spends every Sunday hanging out with Soh at his cart. The more time she spends with the cheerful young man, the fonder she grow of him. However, even though Soh is amiable enough with the ruling class, there is no escaping the fact that he is part of the Wolf Gang, and pressure is mounting for Fuka to decide her place in town

What I think of him: Soh is cheerful and sweet. He gets along with pretty much everyone in town and is frequently invited to join one famiglia or another, although he always refuses because he is Caesar’s babysitter right-hand man. Soh is capable of a lot of things, mostly domestic, but he also knows the town really well and is therefore good at running away. He is an advocate of peace, but doesn’t really think that there is anything anyone can do to bring it about. That he has managed to survive so long in this world is not as surprising as one would think, because there is more to Soh than his cheerful exterior

Nickname: None

Charm point: He’s super dependable

Quote: “I’ll always be by your side. I want to stay with you… I want to be with you forever.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Have a snack with, because he’s the best chef in town

Would have eloped with: No one

Favorite moments:

  • Sou and Pashet talking about Fuka’s relationship status and marriage prospects
  • Sou hiding Fuka from the Wolf Gang
  • Fuka wanting to trying poisonous mushrooms

Worst moments:

  • All (and by “all” I mean both) the sad endings…
  • There are moments when Soh and Fuka are way to similar. Like their avatar and sprite will have the same expression and their hair and eye colors are close, so they look like siblings and it is very odd when they start talking love
  • Why did Fuka join Oz? No one really applied pressure and she dismisses it almost directly afterwards

Worth the price of admission?: Most of the route is just Soh and Fuka going around town and being cute. When the conflict starts rolling I was internally screaming “why?!” for a lot of Fuka’s actions. She isn’t even trying to make smart decisions in this one. I would definitely say that Soh’s route is more of a lead up to the Epilogue and Grand Ending that it was an actual route (I actually prefer Soh and Fuka trying to run off than Soh carrying through with the epilogue). The endings were both bittersweet, and I slightly prefer the one were Fuka ends up sick to the one where Soh becomes ill. Still if you just want to love Soh, both endings are ultimately somewhat unsatisfying

Recommended routes:


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