Plot Summary: Fuka runs into Caesar again, and as it becomes clear that he will honor the Sunday Truce, she begins to visit his home in the forest every Sunday. Even though he takes every opportunity to threaten her, Fuka gets the feeling that maybe he isn’t so bad? But regardless of the Sunday Truce, being friends with someone from the wolf gang isn’t something that the townspeople will tolerate

What I think of him: Caesar sounds mean, but his bark is much worse than his bite. He likes to threaten and bully those he can and he’s quick to draw his sword, but if you can live through that much he can be a pushover; he’s got some of the tsundere in him. Caesar is the titular leader of the Wolf Gang, but head doesn’t lead anyone so much as the Wolf Gang just follows him. He’s a proud and stubborn man who won’t follow anyone’s orders which is why he lives out in the forest. He’s sort of a useless man since Soh pretty much does everything for him, although he says that he protects Soh in return. Caesar is actually a little bit of an idiot and a lot of a dork.

One way to think of Caesar is as a grumpier, more violent version of Fuka

Nickname: None

Charm point: He hates eating his veggies

Quote: “I’d capture you no matter how many times I’d have to try, because… you are my prey.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Get pushed down, he is a predator, you know

Would have eloped with:

  • Soh, because he’s adorable
  • Caramia, because he sure is mischievous this time around

Favorite moments:

  • Fuka telling Caesar that he should visit her during the weekdays, and Caesar being like “I want to kill you, you stupid woman. Fear me!”
  • Caesar talking about how all the Oz boys must have been trembling in fear from his declaration that he was going to attack. And Fuka telling him that maybe everyone was afraid and that she was just too dense to notice so he wouldn’t get his feelings hurt
  • Caesar working at Soh’s shop (I cracked up so badly)
  • Surprise kiss attack
  • Kyrie having Fuka be a maid for the day (and Axel freaking out)
  • Caesar in uniform (yum)
  • “I can’t bear handing my daughter over to a weak man like him.”

Worst moments:

  • I was hoping to find out why Caesar is chasing Fuka around (although I can totally imagine him just seeing her, deciding to attack, and then just stubbornly keeping up with it)

Worth the price of admission?: I love Caesar and his route. Not only is Caesar adorable and dork (with just enough of an edge to have a hot side too), but his route has a couple of great action scenes and many funny moments. This route more than pulls its weight for the cost of this game. Both the endings for Caesar are actually good; one is really satisfying and the other is hillarious


Recommended routes:


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