Robin Hood

Robin Hood.png

Plot Summary: Fuka finds herself visiting Sherwood Clinic every opportunity she has. Robin Hood isn’t the most welcoming, but still Fuka finds herself drawn to the town’s only doctor. The more she learns about Robin Hood, the more interested in him she becomes, and as she finds hints about him that are otherwise being withheld from her, her curiosity begins to get the better of her

What I think of him: Robin Hood is the mysterious and enigmatic doctor of Sherwood Clinic, or at least he is to Fuka since all the important players in town seem to know his circumstances. He seems gentle, but is actually empty. He goes through the motions of being a doctor but it is mostly out of doctorly pride/curiosity than actually caring for his patients. He describes is own emotions as “flattened out”. Robin Hood is a pessimist and can quick turn any comment into an insult. He is a man who is stubborn and loyal and tends to get stuck in his own habits. Because he has suffered grave betrayals he no longer has faith in others and refuses to believe in anything other than himself. He is capable of being cordial and even acting friend to people he hates, with the exception of a certain person

Nickname: Dr. Crow

Charm point: How he can quickly extrapolate a negative meaning out of any comment

Quote: “Thank you for loving someone like me.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Eat together, or maybe just have some tea

Would have eloped with:

  • Caramia, because he wants to help but feels so helpless

Favorite moments:

  • Fuka asking if Robin Hood can fly (since he looks like a crow) and how the conversation derails from there
  • Fuka being very confused when she first sees Robin Hood without his mask because she thought it was his real face, and her passing out when he shows her the mask because she thinks it’s his severed head. And her still not believing it is a mask the time they meet after that
  • Everyone coming around to see Fuka at work (especially Caramia bringing Pashet because they want to see if he’s wearing his mask)
  • The bitter sweet ending is actually the better one in my opinion, because it feels more true to Robin Hood’s character and his relationship with Fuka (especially in light of what he reveals in his point of view scene after he visits her room)

Worst moments:

  • It would be impossible for anyone to miss that Robin Hood’s wife is significant because once she is mentioned, they bring her up constantly. I would have apprecicated a bit more subtely, regardless of her significance to the plot
  • The bonus scenes from his point of view start off sweet but steadily make Robin Hood feel more and more creepy
  • Robin Hood going to Fuka’s room, drugging her, and sleeping with her. I’m not sure if this is rape because Fuka wasn’t even thinking about the possibility of their relationship hitting this point, but I do know that this was a bad, bad thing

Worth the price of admission?: I was glad to finally get some more solid details about what Hamelin did, so that’s something, but I really don’t know how I feel about this route otherwise. On one hand I can appreciate how damaged Robin Hood is and I want Fuka to fix him. However, all the while my head was screaming “bad, bad, BAD” and I just wanted Fuka to get out of there and find someone who would just love her and cuddle her. I can’t tell you why I’m okay with Hamelin’s route but so iffy about Robin Hood’s; maybe it’s because he’s married, or maybe it’s because Robin Hood went a step too far by sleeping with Fuka. It’s an interesting route, but yeah, I’m conflicted


Recommended routes:


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