Plot Summary: This is not a yuri route.

Fuka finds herself meeting more and more frequently with Pashet, the Don of famiglia Boots. Even though the two of them have little in common, Fuka can’t help but be drawn to the confident Pashet. Similarly, Pashet finds it easier to speak with Fuka, who is not her subordinate, but something closer to an equal. And thus a tenuous friendship is formed

What I think of her: The best words to describe Pashet would be dashing and gallant. She has a strong sense of justice and tends to be serious. Pashet believes in strict adherance to the rules, and she despises those who disobey the law (like the Wolf Gang). Her soldati are all women (the only exception is Bercy), and she is diligent in training her troops, and she believes that women should have the skills to look out for themselves. Pashet has a softer side but she tends to suppress it because she thinks that it is unseemly for a don

Nickname:  Ms. Kitty & Lady Pashy

Charm point: She’s a dashing knight

Quote: “My princess should behave as such and wait for her knights to come home.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Stroll through town together

Would have eloped with:

  • Soh, because he’s always there when you need someone
  • Caramia, because even though he’s not much help, he’s got a good presence in this one

Favorite moments:

  • Fuka convincing Pashet that Scarlet might actually be a girl
  • Pashet freaking out and trying to prevent Dorian Gray from telling Fuka that he runs the brothel
  • Pashet dragging Fuka along when she needs to get a shot
  • Pashet listing all the qualities that Fuka should look for in a man and saying that she will protect Fuka until she meets that man

Worst moments:

  • I wish Pashet actually taught Fuka to protect herself. I know she tried and got sidetracked, but Fuka’s has some capability at least (in Kyrie’s route, Kyrie says that Fuka could match Caramia’s gun skills if she practiced some more)
  • I know this route is about friendship and not romance, but I still wished there was a little something for Fuka on the side

Worth the price of admission?: If you can survive without romance this is a really sweet route. There is a really strong feeling that Pashet is just looking out for Fuka’s well being, without considering her own benefits, which is more than you can say for any of the guys. Pashet and Fuka have personalities that contrast really well and while they envy each other a little, they both end up happy with who they are and I think that this makes them excellent friends by the end. Plus thinking of Pashet as Fuka’s knight is really cute. The second ending is a little iffy for me just because the baking aspect seems to take over too much, but that’s just something I’ll overlook in favor of the rest of the route


Recommended routes:


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