Plot Summary: Fuka finds herself returning to the “salon” on Oscar Wilde Street that Kyrie showed her to visit Manboy. Manboy gently discourages her from returning, but Fuka always wanders back both for his company and also out of curiosity for his workplace. But Manboy isn’t the only one who has taken notice of Fuka’s presence outside of the brothel

What I think of him:

  • Alfani: A whimsical and air-headed masochist. He knows the true darkness of the brothel but has decided that it doesn’t matter to him as he would rather pursue pleasure
  • Dorian Gray: The owner of the brothel and the town priest. He suffers enui and lives to seek out his own amuesment. He is extremely skilled at manipulating people and is ruthless
  • Manboy: Polite, refined. He tries to discourage Fuka from coming, but can’t seem to turn her away complete. He distances his private persona from his work one even though he is rarely ever at work


Worth the price of admission?: This is a scary, scary route to go own. I don’t entirely know what this route is included in the game, although it would be very different if the sex scenes were more explicit (because there is a place for that sort of thing). As it is they are vague enough that you won’t want to eternally bleach your eyes, and the route serves as a generalized Bad Ending for the entire game. It is too bad that there isn’t a secret ending for this route where you can get Manboy to save you because he was the only redeemable guy this time around.

Side note- getting to seek Kyrie freak out was the best part of the worst ending and I wanted to snap my fingers at him and tell him that this was why he shouldn’t have shown Fuka here in the first place



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