Plot Summary: Fuka rejects her suitor on the night of the Metor Shower Gathering. Shortly afterwards she learns about the lives of the ruling class of the town and begins to wonder about her own past. One day she finds an unconcious man in the alley she woke up in, the place where her memory begins

What I think of him: Hamelin has a mysterious past, but it is clear is that he has done something in the past that has made him unwelcome in the town proper. Whether he regrets his actions or not is unknown, but he obviously regrets the consequence of his actions, especially his being separated from his famiglia. Hamelin does not believe in god, or at least in a god that cares for the people, but he does believe in fate and destiny. Hamelin is not entirely in control of his own actions. At times he acts on an impulse that describes as a voice in his head. Hamelin is a man capable of gentleness, but also of the greatest cruelty

Nickname: None

Charm point: How he genuinely considers Fuka to be an angel

Quote: “Thank you for spending so much time with me. You’ve let me enjoy such a sweet dream, fraulein.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Kiss, somewhere secret and away from prying eyes

Would have eloped with: 

  • Caramia, because he covers for Fuka as much as he is able

Favorite moments:

  • Fuka trying to face her past and regain her memories
  • The first two meetings in the church
  • Fuka’s first kiss
  • Fuka telling Hameline that she is the one taking him along and not the other way around
  • Fuka feels like she is stronger in this route. She takes action on her own and isn’t afraid to stand on her own two feet apart from even famiglia Oz

Worst moments:

  • It is short
  • There’s no happy ending
  • Hamelin doesn’t have his own page in the album

Worth the price of admission?: During the Oz men routes I never would have thought I would like Hamelin. Scarlet’s route teased that there was more than cruelty to Hamelin’s characters. In the end, I really love his route. There is something about Hamelin’s regret, struggles, and the charm he displays for Fuka is just wonderful. Hamelin’s route is very short and there’s no happy ending in store for him and Fuka, but I was nevertheless captivated and I couldn’t help but wish him and Fuka some sort of happiness

Recommended routes:


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