Plot Summary: Since there are no female soldati in famiglia Oz, the Fuka decides that she wants to make friends with the adorable Scarlet. She soon discovers that Scarlet is actually a guy. This fact does nothing to change her desire to get closer to Scarlet, even though he keeps telling her that it is not appropriate because they are affiliated with different famiglias, even if she hasn’t chosen which famiglia she will join yet

What I think of him: Scarlet is a caporegime for the Grimm family and the de facto leader since their Don is absent. Although he is young, he is very serious and responsible, in part because the members of his famiglia (especially Hansel and Gretel) are so reckless and destructive. He holds his past very dear, and almost everything he does is a desperate attempt to hold things together. His days are busily spent cleaning up after others. Scarlet is a bit of a pacifist and wishes for a peaceful future, although he is also a realist in that he doesn’t think it will happen. He frequently goes out of the town and into the woods to feel a sense of freedom. Scarlet doesn’t enjoy fighting but is an excellent sniper and always carries around his sniper rifle, even on Sundays. Scarlet is very conscious of his height and appearance, and hopes to one day be as tall as Caramia

Nickname: Sca-sca

Charm point: How hard he tries to keep it together

Quote: “Even if in the future… our relationship can’t progress at all, even if you fall in love with someone from Oz’s side… Being able to talk to you… is more than I could hope for.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Cuddle and talk

Would have eloped with:

  • Hamelin, because around Scarlet he sure shows his good points

Favorite moments:

  • Scarlet thinking about how cool and manly “Sir Scarlet” sounds
  • The Meteor Shower Gathering
  • Scarlet showing Fuka his brand
  • Scarlet scolding the Oz guys while cooking
  • Fuka’s decision that she won’t see Scarlet anymore and his desperate attempts to pursue her were heartbreaking and wonderful in a special, terrible way

Worst moments:

  • Caramia basically strong-arming Fuka into joining Oz wasn’t so pleasant, but since it’s so important to the drama of this route it should have been focused on more or expanded a bit
  • Everyone was making a bit deal about how hard it was to change famiglias, but when push came to shove everything sure went easily to the plot’s sake

Worth the price of admission?: Man do I love Scarlet. I really adore his character and the way he is desperately trying to hold things together for his famiglia even though the burden is crushing him. I also feel that Scarlet’s relationship with Fuka develops pretty naturally. They broaden each other’s horizons; Fuka bolster’s Scarlet’s hope that there might be peace on day, and Scarlet gives Fuka a longing for the world outside the town. I also love both the endings, and the bittersweet ending would actually be my favorite of the endings if there had been one more part with Caramia letting Fuka be with Scarlet. Final judgement? So worth it

Recommended routes:


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