Company: Poni-Pachet, localized by MangaGamer

Cost: $34.99

Synopsis: Fuka wakes up in an alley with a man who pulls out his sword and states that she is his prey and that he is going to kill her. Fuka sensibly runs away and is then tripped and saved by two men: Caramia and Kyrie. Caramia chases her attacker, Ceasar, away, but when they ask Fuka who she is, she realizes that she can’t remember anything about herself. Fuka passes out and awaken later under the glare of Axel. Her rescuers brought her to the mansion of famiglia Oz, the Don of which being Caramia. As there is a rule that everyone must belong to one of the Mafia families that rule and war over the city, Caramia gives Fuka permission to stay at the mansion until she decides who she wants to join. Not knowing anything about herself is nerve wracking, but Fuka has the feeling that everything will work out right in the end, and she takes her time getting to know her new home town and all the people living in (and sometimes out of) it

MC: Fuka is pretty optimistic. She feels anxious over her missing past, but in Caramia’s route she explains that because she is empty it allows her to more full enjoy meeting and being around so many new people. She isn’t terribly shy, seeing nothing really wrong with being in an all male household, or inviting a man into her room, but that could just be her own ignorance. She doesn’t always understand what is going on but she does that best with what she has and tends towards curiosity and action, although at times she doesn’t act in fear of how others might feel. She tends to take things literally, which causes most innuendoes to fly over her head. Since she doesn’t really have any special skills she tends to be pushed around at the convenience of others. She lacks a sense of urgency, whether to regain her memories or even find her own place in her new life. Fuka is easily moved to go with the flow


  • Alfani: A free-spirited and masochistic prostitute who works at the “Salon” on Oscar Wilde Street
  • Axel: The caporegime of famiglia Oz, who was once a tin woodsman
  • Caramia: Don of famiglia Oz, who was once a lion. He friendly, charismatic, and strong when he needs to be
  • Caesar: The head of the Wolf Gang, who is the first person that Fuka meets. He is determined to kill Fuka
  • Dorian Gray: The manager of the town Brothel and the town’s only priest. He is calculating, ruthless, and terribly bored with life
  • Hamelin: A man who was cast out of town for breaking a taboo. He has a pipe that can control children and animals. He is determined to cause havok among the famiglias
  • Kyrie: Consigliere (second-in-command) of famiglia Oz, and a former scarecrow. He is a super sadist, cunning, and has everyone running at his bidding
  • Manboy: The poliet and subservient butler/recepitionist (among other things) of the Brothel
  • Pashet: The Don of famiglia Boots. She is a cat lady who is strict and businesslike
  • Robin Hood: The only doctor in town. He attends to everyone and scolds them into watching out for their health
  • Scarlet: The de facto leader of famiglia Grimm. He is young but very mature and responsible
  • Soh: A friendly and cheerful young man who is Caesar’s second-in-command

Impressions: I have been keeping out on the progress of this one for a while. Fairytale and mafia otoge stories are a little niche that I find myself enjoying immensely. I did end up enjoying OZMAFIA!!, it did take a bit for me to get used to it.

My primary issue with this game is how short most of the scenes are. It feels like just when something interesting is about to happen (like a duel with Caesar) the scene cuts away and we end up missing interesting moments/CG moments. The shortness of the scenes probably has something to do with the ways that the assemblage of scene changes based on the way the route is developing (for example going straight Caramia versus a Caramia-Kyrie triangle route or a Caramia-Axel triangle route). It takes a little bit of adjusting if you are used to stories that stay in a scene longer, as most other otoge that I’m familiar with do. Still this is something I got used to so it’s not a deal breaker by any means

The art in the game is gorgeous. The character designs are very restrained, (almost) everyone looks very fashionable and they could have gone way out there with the costumes but it’s very tasteful. I would have love more CGs, most of the ones we get are gorgeous, but some of them are kind of meh. The music is fine, there’s one song that drives me nuts, but I don’t have strong feelings about the other tracks one way or another. The OP is a bit better than “fine”; it’s pretty and I like the character cards. When I start humming the song from the OP, I always end up singing the OP song from I Doll U, so make of that what you will.

One aspect that stands out for all the right reasons is the translation, MangaGamer did an excellent job with it. I like all the Italian word, which is all the translator’s work since you can’t hear them in the voice acting (for example the text will say “signorina” but the VA will say “oujo-san”). (Sidenote: The game is mostly voiced, there are some parts that aren’t which always startles me when they happen.)

One aspect of the story that I’m sure some people will not like is the love triangle aspect, which is only possible between the main three: Caramia, Kyrie, and Axel. I’ve heard the guy switching mid-route being called neotare, but I don’t think it really is (with the exception of Kyrie maybe). Both of the guys in question in whichever triangle give Fuka the choice to choose between them, so there is no sneaking behind backs or (much) seducing away. The rejected party doesn’t hang on to being turned down for long either, which has to do with how the routes play out the same no matter if you switch from Caramia to Axel or from Kyrie to Axel; they result in the same endings. Even if the thought of switching after the confession upsets you, I highly suggest that you play these endings because they are very informative and also show sides of the boys that don’t play out when you go straight for them (for example, Kyrie is more tolerable and lovey-dovey and Axel is a little more aggressive). Unfortunately if you are collecting all the CG you need to play all of the endings because there are different CGs if you are switching from Caramia to Axel or from Kyrie to Axel, even though the options for Axel endings after that point are the same.

Additional to the routes there are the Epilogue and the Grand Ending, which serve to tie up all the loose ends. If you like Kyrie, then the Grand Ending will delight you since he’s the most interesting character there, but otherwise I would have been fire without both the Epilogue and Grand Ending.

There are ten “routes”, including Pashet’s, a cat girl, which is about friendship instead of romance, and the “Brothel” path which is exactly what you would expect if you think about it for a minute. Costing it out, that means that every route is about $3.50, less than most pay-per-route games. I found the game to be worth the cost, but it will be a sticking point for some.

If you’d like a comprehensive walkthrough for this game, I recommend Annette’s on the site I Wish This Day Would Never End.

As far as an order to read the routes in, it’s not as significant as the play order in other games but I would go: Caramia > Kyrie > Axel > All the Love Triangle Endings > Pashet > Brothel > Scarlet > Robin Hood > Hamelin > Caesar > Soh > Epilogue > Grand Ending

Favorite Guy: Caesar

Favorite Route: Caesar and Scarlet

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