Plot Summary: When Raymond insists that that the MC choose to love either Alfred or Rupert, she is thrown a lifeline by Humphrey, a well respected wizard who is a frequent patron of the Hotel. An old friend of Tatiana and Harold, Humphrey agrees to help the MC find a way to retain her humanity while saving the hotel. But as the search for a way to use their magic to solve the MC’s dilemma, The MC begins having prophetic visions of someone attacking her. Now she must not only guard her humanity from vampirism, but she must also guard her very life itself, and all while her feelings for the wizard helping her begin to bloom

What I think of him: Humphrey is a skilled wizard who is both charming and somewhat distant. He is trusted and liked by most, if not all, residents of the hotel, and he even counts Raymond amongst his friends. However he refuses to get involved in something or help someone unless his help is asked for and the price he names is paid. The flip side of this is that once he has accepted a request he does everything in his power to help that person, and he also safeguards their secrets. Humphrey can be flirtatious and is pretty free-spirited, roaming the world as he wills. He has heard of the MC before she arrives at the hotel, through both her reputation as a talented witch and also through another source

Nickname: None

Charm point: He’s pretty to look at

Quote: “As long as you’re with me, no matter where we go, and no matter what happens, I bet it’s going to be an exciting adventure.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Cuddle, with a book or while out exploring the world

Would have eloped with:

  • Dominik, because he obviously has has a thing for the MC for a while

Favorite moments:

  • How the MC actually utilizing her abilities as a witch
  • The MC’s terror over turning into a vampire is the reaction I was waiting for. It’s dramatic and she’s horrified and stunned and it’s good
  • It’s cute how Humphrey keeps popping in through the windows
  • I like how Humphrey and the MC have to look so hard to try to solve her problem

Worst moments:

  • A certain conversation hints that there is a reason why Humphrey shouldn’t fall for the MC and implies that there is some event in the past that needs to be prevented from repeating. But it all just goes away in favor of other plot threads
  • The being in the forest was never explained
  • Raymond is a prick, and then suddenly at the end Humphrey’s like “Raymond isn’t as mean as he acts”
  • I was disappointed in the Serenade Ending

Worth the price of admission?: Humprey is somewhat different from the impression he gives off in both his bio and in Raymond’s route. In his own route he is much less flirtatious and isn’t as concerned about the price of preforming magic. That being said I did enjoy his route, mostly because I liked seeing the MC taking charge of her situation and using the magic skills that we have been told she has but haven’t really seen so far. I enjoyed Humphrey as well, especially because he was so supportive of the MC without taking away her agency and he really stepped up to keep Raymond, Rupert, and Alfred off her back. However, I do think that Humphrey provides more of a comforting love rather than an all-consuming, passionate love. That is  not to say that their relationship is passionless, but it definitely isn’t as explosive as many other Solmare relationships. I don’t particularly have a problem with this, I actually enjoy the change of pace, but since it is a different feel from usual, I thought I’d remark upon it.

Solmare has labeled Humphrey “the sexiest wizard”, and I don’t really know about that, but he is sexy and he’s also worth a shot

Notable substories: 

Recommended routes:


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