Plot Summary: Since Axel has been assigned to protect her, Fuka ends up spending a lot of her time with him as she explores the town. And as Fuka spends more time with Axel, she begins to see past his harsh exterior to the kind man beneath. It surprises them both when Axel confesses to Fuka, and she admits that she feels the same for him. But romantic relationships are new to both Axel and Fuka, and their new relationship might shatter before they can figure things out

What I think of him: Axel seems stoic and cool, but he is actually pretty shy and sweet. He loves sweets and cute things, but he tries to hide it because he doesn’t wish to be unmanly. Axel tends to have a firty mind if suggestive things are left up to his imagination. His hobby is whittling. Axel is the toughest of the Oz men, able to take a beating that would kill another man. He is also a notoriously bad aim with a gun, and to Caramia’s dismay Axel usually ends up using his shotgun as a blunt weapon. Axel is very obedient, loyal, and literal. He wants to protect his famiglia, even emotionally. He worries that he might hurt someone’s feelings, and that causes him to keep to himself most of the time. The think that he gained before becoming human was a heart, and unlike Kyrie and Caramia, Axel occasionally wonders if getting a heart was a good think

Nickname: Robot, Tin Can

Charm point: He’s not so secretly adorable

Quote: “You’re so warm… and just looking at you makes me happy.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Push him down, in the street, because he’s being too cute

Would have eloped with:

  • Caramia, because he’s trying hard to help both Fuka and Axel

Favorite moments:

  • Kyrie bring home treats during Axel’s sweet ban, and Axel telling Fuka to eat them and “be happy in my stead”
  • That scene with Axel’s lost glasses
  • Axel freaking out when he realizes he has spent the night with Fuka in her room
  • Axel and Kyrie betting on whether Axel and Fuka will do it or not
  • Basically all of the Axel point of view scenes are gold (especially the on about Axel’s brand and Caramia finding out that Axel only slept in Fuka’s room)
  • The ending with the glasses stuff

Worst moments:

  • The conflict in Axel’s route feels like it comes out of nowhere. Axel was doing fine with his emotions and then he suddenly wasn’t *enter drama*. I like how Axel struggles with his feels, but it should have been built up better (like Kyrie’s route), or there should have been a stronger catalyst (like Caramia’s route)

Worth the price of admission?: Since Axel is an underling his route feels a little different from Caramia and Kyrie’s routes, but he is still my guess for the fan favorite of the game since he hits the perfect balance of stoicism and adorableness. His route is full of cuteness, and I particularly enjoyed the endings you can get after having Axel win Fuka away from Caramia or Kyrie. In short, Axel’s route is more than worth it’s part of the cost of the game


Recommended routes:


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