Plot Summary: Fuka finds herself frequently turning to Kyrie for help in understanding things that she doesn’t understand. At first Kyrie seems to see her as a nuisance, but soon he seems to warm to (tormenting) her. Fuka is overjoyed when he confesses to her. However, Fuka is bewildered when their relationship stays the same even after they become an official couple, and her attempts to move forward may crush their relationship in its infancy

What I think of him: Kyrie is well spoken, genteel, cunning, and a super sadist. He can think circles around everyone else and has everyone dancing to his tune. He is self-centered and never fails to speak his mind which makes his friends few and far between (Caramia is the only one who admits to it). He sees himself as a cold and cruel person and it would be difficult to find someone (besides Caramia) who would disagree with that judgement. He admits that he could be the Don of famiglia Oz if he so wished but that he prefers to pull the strings from the shadows. Kyrie is very well spoken and, although verbose, you can usually make out what he is saying (especially since he is inclined towards insults). Kyrie is skilled with both guns and swords, but does not carry either, since he prefers not to get his hands dirty and is confident that he can get out of any situation suing his wits. He always seems to be busy, but only foes what he pleases when it pleases him to do so. Axel appropriately describes  Kyries as a “riddle wrapped in an enigma”

Nickname: Scarecrow

Charm point: How aware he is of his own character and flaws

Quote: “You… you really are a strange one. To think a man like myself would be good enough for you.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Be (affectionately) bossed around

Would have eloped with:

  • Caramina, because he is like a giant puppy

Favorite moments:

  • The gun lesson
  • Fuka catching Kyrie off guard with her open honesty and naivity
  • Fuka trying to win at poker to get Kyrie to be nicer to Caramia and Axel. To which his response is : “disgusting request. I’ll never let you win”
  • Kyrie’s wager to get Fuka to sleep with him, and his face-fault when she says sure, they can take a nap together on the lawn
  • Kyrie and Fuka flirting in Caramia’s office during one of the endings

Worst moments:

  • I don’t get the sense of Fuka falling in love with Kyrie. When she agrees to go out with Kyrie it feels more like she’s saying “okay, sure”, instead of her actually wanting to hate him
  • Kyrie is cruel. He acknowledges it and I sort of agree that he shouldn’t have to change himself, but I want him to want to change himself… it’s complicated
  • A huge chunk of the time it feels like Kyrie’s relationship with Fuka feels toxic

Worth the price of admission?: I personally found Kyrie to be a very interesting character. Most of the time I enjoy when he shows up and just begins to start things, however I didn’t find him very compelling as a love interest for Fuka. Thus, Kyrie’s route is far from the highlight of of the game for me, in fact I’m borderline on whether it pulls it weight in  regards to the price of the game. For me the endings that I enjoyed most were the ones that Fuka ends up with Kyrie after accepting either Caramia or Axel’s confession (even though it hurts to do it to either of them).

I do want to give Kyrie’s voice actor, Kazuyuki Okitsu, a big thumbs up. Kyrie’s voice is a pleasure to listen to, and it is very easy to super easy to get a sense of Kyrie’s character just from listening to him. I especially enjoy how quickly and poshly he sounds when the insults start flying

Recommended routes:


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