Plot Summary: Fuka finds herself spending a lot of time with Don Caramia in his office, and slowly grows closer to Caramia and his subordinates. Despite his heavy load of work, he says that he wants to protect her, and she just wants to be with him. But it isn’t easy being close to a Don, and then the possibility that Caramia sees someone else when he looks at Fuka arises

What I think of him: Caramia is a surprisingly serious and thoughtful guy, despite his looks (that was my genuine reaction). Caramia is pretty open and honest for a mafia boss, and he’s better at moving his body that using his head. He is brave, sometimes to the point of recklessness. Still, he spends a lot of his free time reading to learn about things, even though reading slowly puts him to sleep. He’s pretty charismatic, which is what lead to the growth of famiglia Oz, and he really looks out for those under his care; even if he couldn’t care less about anyone else. He considers himself to be “the weakest” of his group, since he gets sick every year and niether of the others have ever fallen ill. Since he was formerly a lion, he’s got sharp senses and a keen hunting instinct. Caramia enjoys teasing Axel, who he has a very good understanding of, and verbally sparing with Kyrie, who he often lets have his way. He is a warm person, sometimes referring to himself as an older brother and other times as the father of the other characters

Nickname: (Idiotic) Lion

Charm point: All he wants is to be the one to protect you

Quote: “I don’t think I could bear to part with you”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Cuddle, on a lazy Sunday afternoon in his office which he’s reading

Would have eloped with:

  • Kyrie? Torn about this because he has great moments and then there are times when he is super sleazy/an ass
  • Axel, because he is adorable and just wants to protect Fuka

Favorite moments:

  • The first time Fuka goes to visit Caramia in his study. Not only do I love how Caramia is reading a book about amnesia to try to understand/help Fuka, but the way Fuka responds (by saying that it is like she is empty) was super formitive of how I understand her character
  • Caramia taking Fuka to the bar, telling her about Axel getting drunk and then Fuka getting drunk herself
  • Caramia’s overreaction to Fuka cutting her finger while cooking, and Robin Hood’s reaction to Caramia freaking out
  • The resolution to Caramia and Fuka’s estrangement had me tearing up a little
  • Axel and Kyrie teasing Caramia while he’s getting read for the wedding

Worst moments:

  • So many scenes were cut out. I wanted to see the pageant and the duel between Caesar and Caramina. Those were some great CG opportunities that were missed
  • Caramina lashing out at Fuka about her eavsedropping felt out of character
  • Kyrie’s sleezy and a very specific asshole moment that occurs when Caramia and Fuka are estranged

Worth the price of admission?: Caramia feels like the easiest and maybe the most natural route at the beginning since he is kind to Fuka from the get-go and he just has a warm and brotherly atmosphere. He’s a nice guys with the best of intentions and it’s a good way to get things rolling. The fact that he is a Don gives a little oomph to a character who otherwise would have been “just nice” rather than particularly interesting. When the drama gets started it feels a little forced for his routes and when he’s wooing Fuka away from Kyrie it feels like he should really know better (and so should Fuka, and so should everyone in that situation), but I understand the need to leave an opening for the routes to switch courses. Overall I would say that Caramia was definitely worth his share of the cost of this game

Recommended routes:


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