Hattori Hanzo Ayu


Plot Summary: The MC chooses Ayu as her companion, much to his surprise, and her parents surprise her by telling her that she an Ayu are actually engaged. The MC can’t help but notice that he doesn’t really seem interested in her or in much of anything else besides the scenery. Although she chose Ayu on a whim, she soon becomes invested in helping him enjoy himself. As they continue on their purification mission and the MC’s feelings for Ayu begin to deepen, she can’t help but wonder why he seems so distant and why he seems to care so little for his own safety

What I think of him: Ayu is detached and cool. He doesn’t pay attention to most things, especially things that don’t interest him, which makes things hard for Yayoi, who he grew up with (and ended up responsible for all the duties Ayu ignored). His father and village expect him to live up to his famous ancestor Hattori Hanzo Kazemasa, and the constant pressure has caused Ayu to resent that relationship and to become distant

Nickname: None (although I usually refer to him as Ayuyu)

Charm point: His pouty nature

Quote: “White clover symbolizes ‘a promise’… because I promise never to leave your side”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Cuddle together, wherever, whenever

Would have eloped with:

  • Yayoi, because there is some good stuff going on here
  • Shiroya, because he’s so cheerful and because he plugs himself
  • Kaito, because he has a similar situation to Ayu but handles things so differently

Favorite moments:

  • The MC snapping at Ayu when he says he wishes he had died. This scene was just really set up considering the MC’s situation
  • The Yayoi twist was great. I didn’t expect it, especially the second twist, and it answered a question I had resigned myself to waiting until after the first eight guys had their routes
  • The stuff with the Kushinada ancestress (and Kazemasa) was really interesting. I don’t know if it was just me, but there was a line that made me think that there was a love triangle between Kazemasa, the MC’s ancestress, and Yoshitsune
  • The change up in the way the cleansing ritual went was great. The whole thing was getting monotonous but it was fresher this time around
  • Ayu’s development was great. It is probably the most character growth we’ve seen out of the guys and I thought it was well done
  • The proposal in the Happy Ending is so cute and the CG is gorgeous
  • Personally, Ayu’s design is one of my favorites so even just seeing the chapter title screens or him in his formal clothes gets me smiling

Worst moments:

  • Yayoi’s plot was too easily turned aside. It came up as a problem, everyone worried, and then BOOM it was resolved without too much difficultly or resistance
  • The Happy Ending was sort of lame. Sure the proposal and CG were excellent, but the rest was short and felt more like a Normal Ending than a Happy one

Worth the price of admission?: I have been anticipating Ayu since the begining, and while I did enjoy the route in the end, Ayu really wasn’t what I was expecting (he starts out much colder in his own route than he is in the others).

Notable substories:

  • Epilogue: Right after the Happy Ending and it’s getting late. Ayu asks the MC to stay the night at his place. This is basically Ayu and the MC just being adorable. Although there is some making out, they feel like a much more innocent couple. The MC admits some of the things she loves about Ayu ,and Ayu gets all cute and a little pouty

Recommended routes:


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