Plot Summary: The MC chooses Ran as her companion and Fuyukiku, Yayoi, and Kaito fill out the group. The MC is enjoying the time she spends with Ran, but she soon comes to understand that there is reason why Ran was so happy to be chosen to accompany her, well other than the fact that he has loved her since their first meeting

What I think of him: Ran is rambunctious and optimistic. He’s impulsive as well and doesn’t bother to filter himself most of the time. Ran depends largely on his instincts, and tends to rely on Fuyukiku to reign him in. The problem with this is that he can get carried away easily which can have dire consequences. Even though he is a cheerful person, he has been disregarded and looked down upon by his home village. Still, the love and care of those close to him has helped him remain a happy person

Nickname: Demon Child

Charm point: He can’t control his love for the MC (and he’s basically a puppy)

Quote: “We just agreed to get married… and you’re lookin’ so cute. I can’t NOT do somethin’.”

Cuddle, kiss, or push down: Sleep together, because he snuck into the MC’s bed, again

Would have eloped with:

  • Fuyukiku, because this was probably as close to a threesome as it’ll get
  • Shiroya, because he and Ran are so similar
  • Yayoi, because so much tsundere
  • Ayu, because please

Favorite moments:

  • Ran being so obviously in love with MC and following her around like a puppy
  • Ran being so affected by the MC being mad at him
  • Flashback with young Ran, Kiku, and MC
  • Meeting the MC’s ancestor (with sprite!)
  • Ran and Kiku

Worst moments:

  • Kiku’s torment could have been detailed more

Worth the price of admission?: Ran’s route is basically Shiroya’s route if the latter was more about internal strife in the Summer Village. And I really enjoyed it. I wish there had been more about Kiku’s internal struggle, but I guess I can look to Kiku’s route for that (eventually). Ran is just so cheerful and adorable, he reminds me a lot of Elliot from the Kuni no Alice series. There are some good plot twists in this one that involve speculation I’ve been seeing/having since the premise of the game was released. Ran is definitely worth a go

After the main route (POSSIBLE SPOILERS):

  • Epilogue: Right after the MC accepts Ran’s proposals, Ran can’t seem to keep his hands off of her despite the fact that Kiku might walk in at any minute. This feel a little more like it’s own thing that the epilogues have been feeling for this game which is nice, but it basically does exactly what the others do, give a little steamy action between the MC and her chosen man. That being said it’s still a nice read if you have the points to get it

Notable substories:

Recommended routes:


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